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Collection " Mythology ". Theseus, the price of glory

The fourth volume of the collection tells of the trials and dilemmas of the winner of the Minotaur.

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The fourth volume of collection tells of trials and dilemmas of winner of Minotaur.

The Labyrinth of Minotaur, RBA/The World, " Mythology ", 120 p., and € 9.99 (on sale as of 13 September).

He killed Minotaur and became king of Ans. He unified Greece and was instituted, it is said, democracy. Theseus is one of those heroes with a divine birthright – it would be hidden son of Poseidon – that nothing stops, not even time. His legend, being fourth volume of collection " Mythology ", published by The World, traces its exploits, revealing, watermark, flaws, and dilemmas which exist.

This is a Peak that will seal his fate. Each year, maze that architect Daedalus built for king Minos was scene of sacrifice of young Anians of both sexes, to be delivered to monster, horned Asterion, famous Minotaur, who is imprisoned. With help of Ariadne and golden thread that ensures him his salvation, Theseus terrace creature.

rest of The adventure remains in all memories, nourished by poets in tragédiens, painters, composers. Root, Jorge Luis Borges and Marguerite Yourcenar will be fight of hero and beast, a quest for identity. The paintings of Annibal Carracci, operas of Joseph Haydn and Richard Strauss will transform abandonment and forgetfulness of Ariadne auf Naxos in renaissance...

Yet, despite its impressive seed, and of victory of Theseus preserves a bitter taste. On his return to Ans, future king forgets promise made to one who believes to be his far. Aegean, did not see not white sail he expected, flows into sea, which now bears his name.

when monster is perhaps not one that we believe. Theseus, petri appetite of enormity that Ancients called hubris, might well be prey of his pride. His battle mythical would n be a fight against himself, between cunning and force, reason and contradictions, aspirations and consciousness. In dark labyrinth of his life that Theseus has is it found ? This is probably why myth has not taken a wrinkle.

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