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Got fired from the show program and Mehmet Ali Erbil

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Got fired from the show program and Mehmet Ali Erbil

Mehmet Ali Erbil revealed in long lan ovmen collected about claim entry collected at Q&As a result, topic of re supporting: ulacak as a g&r type&government;n&lie. Star TV&MIDI-D bow T&as a result, collected goods N N D D S D S D mc do MIDI RK&result;re&more Movies &government;nl&Mehmet Ali Erbil Real Madrid collected ovmen until I fired. The internal Erbil lamas of water " are collected at slander me, " he replied.   U&anKu current TV at news of her internal g&treatment re s h k d za an assistant at RAS entry no seeding Mehmet Ali Erbil Instagram &texting zeri lad from Real Madrid collected BA entry. However, Erbil, na, T current in se messages&government;rl&Real Madrid profit □ of □ K L D of alamad collected.   Erbil, Mehmet Ali, it &go to Real Madrid on treatment outcomes and y-series “this is z H I D K H ten fire atias said.   I D D D M D an assistant do it but supporting valuable research of company ten: Karaman D y D O N S&A type, he said.   S&women;re no movie y stage;as a result, entry of Star TV officials s aktard situation. This development h h m h ard by company of right breast, I put an end to entry in a hurry, Mehmet Ali Erbil and worship. . The name of Hamdi Alkan technology in Erbil.    no passion'M collected at ten  did you get fired? Mehmet Ali Erbil's y □ supporting decades of established in: R-Server □ flour &Real Madrid was owned by an organisation I collected IAR □ of □ program of MA supporting: internal Arc D ' 'right off of I terminated, I have collected were alleged to.    on subject hen&mounting an internal statement to make that lie A to Z □ of lmad d.    D RA FT D y're throwing ME Mehmet Ali Erbil sessizli ini entry with this news news of internal mounting kt □ of □ of □ Instagram account made from collected night of □ OF □ of □ a spring mounting nla yalanlad collected. Snow S D D na D D no mounting with mounting a camera on back is most Arbil, “slander me are collected at atias that settled it.


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