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Jim Carrey: "I've been a character that I have interpreted"

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Jim Carrey: "I've been a character that I have interpreted"

it has Nothing to do that was with that is. The caricato, who made sample flag and of imposture, a form of life is discovered in a documentary recently presented completely empty of himself, announces that he would never return to acting and is so lucid that I would say perfectly incomprehensible. "We are a set of tetrahedra that are programmed with ideas of yourself," he says.

"There are so many chances of failure by doing something that you hate as dedicating to what you like", with this phrase, it has Jim Carrey, Ontario, Canada, 1962) that started it all. It could have been a sax player more or less frustrated as your far, and have dedicated entire life to be bror-in-law more fun for family. But not, is determined to be king of comedy, emperor of brors-in-law. And so on until you reach $ 10 million that was imposed as goal and brand of water that he had gotten. it Happened in 1994 when, with a few months of difference, premiered The mask, Ace Ventura and dumb and dumber. Now everything has changed. Carrey renounces his past caricato, ir ambitions and even world. Carrey doesn't want to be Carrey.

The account in Jim & Andy: great beyond, a documentary that recovers a good part of material of backstage of a Man on moon, Milos Forman. In film, which was presented in Venice and now she settled in Toronto, appears exactly like that in interviews he granted: as a man reborn and emptying of himself. Perhaps even lost. The tape, signed by Chris Smith and produced by Spike Jonze, recreates and analyzes with a long interview in transformation process, that was, of Carrey comedian Andy Kaufman gave it life in biopic cited. Throughout length of production, Carrey was Kaufman. And what was up with same nausea. Now, is anor.

why if you are so tired of faranduleo and foci agreed to do film?I've always wanted this experience could be. It is a film that deals with identity. It was an extreme version of getting away from myself and be something totally different. And, by doing so, you ask: "What is it that you-same?". Since n, it has been a journey of small awakenings. Not that I do not feel attached to anything, re are still essential things in my life, but I don't want to do film or art.Be yourself, this is exactly what it is, what's considered a load? How would you define time of release?It has been an evolution. When I look back I see that I would not be where I am now, or where I'm not [laughs] if I had not stopped to take as I did in Man on mooon. A movie is a wonderful opportunity to be anor person and realize that neir of two, person, or character, is real. I lose myself. Who is real, auntic, Carrey who we met at cinema in 90's or now?For a long time I had impression of being a character that I has been performing. Always, in some way, we are actors ourselves.Who you are now? Who are we? We are a set of tetrahedra that are programmed with ideas yourself.When he says that a character you played, do you understand that that character ended up taking control because he became so well known that it became a public property?Yes, I think that at very beginning ego is put at controls and realized something. "Oh, go", I said to myself, "I am funny as my far. People says that I'm special." Everybody likes to be petted on back and tell him that he is special. But now I don't need that.At a time of documentary it says something like: "This place to which we all turn, vacuum..."has No fucking sense. What I mean is that once you as an individual, I take off in middle, re is nothing left but everything. And that feeling of wholeness, without judgments, neir good nor bad, it's a rar liberating.At anor time he says that before he had a need for approval. So much so that small-lived as a relief that will send you to your room, to be alone.Everything we create is for or person. We don't create anything for ourselves. You make a sculpture or write an article and what you do for ors to think that you have interesting points of views, which are original. In part, I think that solitude of my room it was as if you were in my lab.Are you still wanting to play?Now I love silence, tranquility. I have to say that painting and sculpture are very important to me because it is capturing an idea that passes from er to canvas and re is no one in middle. No one tells you: "you can't do That". Or: "it's Not going to appeal to certain sectors of public" or "How do we sell this?". It is something very pure.Let's change subject, film also reflects on comedy and its boundary. I think in terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo...I have Never felt limited. In era of Andy, feminist movement had a lot of strength and he pressed buttons that were very politically incorrect. And he did it because he thought: "In this little circus we're in, I want to you donít take it seriously, even that which you most value, even your fears".So that said, I would say that Andy is still re inside.I don't know. Maybe.Is re anything left of Jim Carrey at Jim Carrey?Yes, of course. You have to admit that what we are looking at is a virtual reality. None of this is real, is nothing more than consciousness dancing for herself. We are here to make company to each or and make life more interesting. It is consciousness that says: "I have all se fingers, what can I do with m? I can do this, this, this...". Imagine to be all, in all space and time, and how fucking boring that would be that. Something you have to do, isn't it? So I immerse myself in that which we call reality. It is a very convincing reality. When someone in your family suffers, when it seems that our civilization is at risk... I feel so compelled any or person to play my role and be on correct side. But nothing is real. How would you like to remember?It gives Me same. The only thing that matters is this. This, right now.


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