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Juan Casamayor, of Pages of Foam, wins the Award of Merit Editorial of the FIL of Guadalajara

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Juan Casamayor, of Pages of Foam, wins the Award of Merit Editorial of the FIL of Guadalajara

The editor and his partner, Encarnación Molina, have specialized its seal in short stories

Encarnación Molina, Juan Casamayor and his descendants spent a month and a half in Argentina during summer of 2012. Spain was worst of crisis and family that lives in/by editorial Pages of Foam began to grope a plan to escape "if whole country is going down drain." "Always use a phrase of that time that said Diego Moreno, editor of Nordic walking: 'I Think someone is printing my books with sole desire of have fun devolviéndonoslos'," explains Juan Casamayor. Gives you chills to remember, 2012. But one day he ended year, came 2013 and after 2014 and, five years later, Pages of Foam expected to close in 2017, your best course as a company. From today, family also holds concession (individualized Casamayor) Award of Merit Publishing house of International Book Fair of Guadalajara, most important in publishing industry in Spanish language.

There is a little prize: Antoine Gallimard, Beatriz de Moura, Jesus de Polanco, Jorge Herralde, Enrique Krauze, Jaume Vallcorba and Michael Krüger among many ors are on list of winners. What y will think of se giants of Casamayor and Molina, who work and serve in his house, and dan "besicos" to authors and journalists when it bid farewell to m, and that each book left half-life. "We don't try to artisans," says Casamayor, "because we are very much professionalized. Serve at home but we have a ship newly purchased for logistics, and a delegation in Mexico City. We do not work alone, we are five and we have functions spread".

Well, it is worth it. But story of Pages of Foam is still a bit of a story. Second half of 90s: Casamayor lived in his city, in Zaragoza, and finished his sis on poetry of NINETEENTH century. He snorts when he remembers. The work was already almost finished, waiting for track to reading, when he had opportunity to spend a few months in Madrid to lend a helping hand to her aunt in publishing Basics and do some pesetas. Found a room in a shared apartment and it turned out that in next door lived Incarnation, which by n I was working in a publishing house of books legal. "They had a rhythm of impressive production, even a publication of day. There he learned a lot of processes of production".

In order to: neighbors are paired and in euphoria of meeting, had idea to assemble Pages of Foam. "I was on my way in academic life: a lecturando in united States if I was doing well, a square of professor of institute... But in those months changed my life."

Pages Foam is known for any reader mid-fucking good as editorial, which is put out books of short stories. According to Casamayor, that was plan from beginning. However, first book of his catalogue, a nice long-seller that still has a demand, was a Writings of Buñuel that came to ir hands for things of love. "My far is a surgeon on team that operated had anastesista nephew of Buñuel that was executor of his work. Was man more buñueliano of family and he was not win that texts of his uncle appeared in a large publishing house. So it turned out that we were out re, that it was centenary of Buñuel and gave us texts". When work was ready for printing, Casamayor went to workshops to see that his books were born well. "What a fool. Of course that went well, like or four books that were printed that morning". The things first-timers.

After Pages of Foam moved forward a few years through secondary roads until, suddenly, road turned into fast-track and took m to Latin America. "There were signs: Ana Rosetti wanted to publish with us ir Stories toger. Eduardo Berti also. But rupture was Small resistors, anthology of "new Spanish story" that met Andrés Neuman in 2002. From re, Molina and Casamayor no longer had to go appearing out re, asking to please pay a little attention. Grave-goods of Fernando Iwasaki, became book with best sales of his catalog and 2015, at which time seal chained books of Samanta Schweblin, Nuria Barrios and Clear Bound, a nice moment of euphoria.

By way, Pages of Foam has left a handful of monumental works, Casamayor called ir "cadrals": volumes of full accounts of Zola, Chekhov, Pessoa, Balzac... Pretty impressive. But in home stay with fight y have with ir authors live, some consecrated and ors unpublished, in "debate" that y have with m before giving up with a good book and in your ability to follow ir careers over years. "Get to Chekhov is likely to be a safer investment for us. More expensive but with more return. But, if in 2012 we saved it was because we had created an audience base of get authors. In 2012 y were spending less but not disappeared".


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