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Maintain contact with Turkey, despite Erdogan

Editorial. The EU should spend in addition to the insults and provocations of the Turkish president in respect to keep ties with an economic power and population must.

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Maintain contact with Turkey, despite Erdogan

Editorial. The EU should spend in addition to insults and provocations of Turkish president in respect to keep ties with an economic power and demographic imperative.

Editorial of " World ". In ir relations with Turkey of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Europeans face merciless reality : Turkish president is a must. This is one of compulsory figures of diplomatic life that you have to deal with people that openly say all evil y think of you, display ir contempt for and seek, when y are able to bring you wrong.

And such is, roughly speaking, attitude of president Erdogan vis-à-vis its counterparts in european Union (EU). The president of commission in Brussels, Jean-Claude Juncker, recalled Wednesday, 13 September, he arrived at number one Turkish to speak of "fascism" or "nazism" to comment on certain decisions of officers of Union.

These are of course of qualifiers that incentive to maintain a warm dialog with Ankara. Mr Juncker furr noted that Turkish courts had nothing more pressing to do than embastiller and draw up a lawsuit against a French journalist, Wolf Desktop, and one of his colleagues, German-Turkish, Deniz Yücel, a correspondent of Die Welt.

The latter is imprisoned since February 14, 2017. As to Wolf Office, including minister of foreign affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, spoke, Thursday, in Ankara, situation, it is held for more than a month. Professional and conscientious, two men are above all victims of steady deterioration of relations between Turkey and EU.

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Since coup, missed July 15, 2016, Turkey lives to rhythm of a repression which has taken like a personal vendetta on part of president Erdogan. Rightly so, EU has denounced continued erosion of rule of law in Turkey and a crackdown on all-round object of which seems often to be to silence any opposition to emergence of autocratic power of Mr. Erdogan.

A key country

Whatever status of negotiations on accession of Turkey to EU, and hypocrisy of many Europeans about this, first, it is Turkish president who is from Europe. It is he who looks back on democratic gains of recent years ; he still pulls his country out of liberal norms of western societies ; it it is always that, a member of NATO, intends to buy weapons from Russia.

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The choice of turning our back on EU is that Ankara, not Brussels. For all that, Europe can't cut Turkey. Economic power and population to doors of Old Continent, it must be a partner. It is in management of migration flows. It has in huge venture to undertake, toger, to soo turmoil in middle east. It is a key country in complex relationship that develops between EU and Russia, on one hand, EU and Iran on or. Should it also say ? It account for richness of its culture, infinite beauty of country and marvelous complexity of identity of Turkish.

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Finally, it is necessary to think nearly 50 % of Turks – those of Ankara and Istanbul, in particular – who have refused to sign a blank cheque to Mr Erdogan in referendum of August. When president is wielding insult and provocation to address of EU, it is perhaps more a sign of weakness than anything else. In short, everything requires to override personality of a man and maintain contact with Turks. The exercise requires patience, and it is learned by contemplating Bosphorus in dark of night.


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