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María Teresa Castells and the smoke of the books

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María Teresa Castells and the smoke of the books

In History of Basque Country is that Lagun was name of a bookstore in Plaza de la Constitución in San Sebastián, which he had honour of being hijacked by ultras and abertzales. For your customers, Lagun was something different, a refuge in which to search for books and friendship

Some well-known, visit in San Sebastian, I asked on a certain occasion at what exact point of Plaza of Constitution was location that had been accepted during many years to library Lagun, before that, for reasons little cultural business had to change of location.

I told Them that it was easy to find. It was enough to venture into arcades of referred plaza, one of most beautiful dive sites of a city already in itself very beautiful, and look at ceiling, whitewashed. They would soon spot a stain black on white surface. I don't know now, because it goes for quite some time that does not pass by place, abundantly populated by taverns, but until not too long ago kept up stain you left in your day smoke of books.

There are very few traces in streets of Basque Country, of long series of atrocities that characterized its history of past decades. If something has been done effectively in area has been erasing of traces. And when victims placed by your account a plaque on a facade, competent authority does not soon remove it. In order not to alter coexistence. is not twitching. To not raise memory uncomfortable, memory of accuser. And, of course, no offer to change to an alternative generous and pedagogical.

By turns that gives life, son of my mor resides in a city, Hannover, whose sidewalks are scattered with plates of brass. In m you can read name and surname of people, often rooted in jewish, during nazi era were domiciled in street ( buildings disappeared during air raids), as well as any circumstances concerning his deportation or extermination. People walk on se plates, size of a cobblestone, that I am aware of no affliction detracts from civic life. Once in a while, a passer-by takes hassle out of directing gaze to data engraved on plates and that is all. Well, that and what is essential to case, ir possible thoughts, whatever y may be.

In my hometown, on contrary, painful memories, fear him who fell as a relentless sirimiri, internal wounds and stubborn, in end, matter of evocation, all of that carries on within, with greater intensity if one was recipient of actions of aggressor, which is so applauded (and voted) by many. There are here and re some monuments, few sculptures or inscriptions, in which, once a year, a certain number of good-hearted people deposited flowers, expresses a noble sentiment, and shares a few words of tribute.

For reasons that are, for long years, black spot, just above where it was one of showcases of library Lagun, persisted on roof of arcades, with all probability, to a common lack of knowledge of all and sundry; which, at this hour of story, I do not think that amount too much. And yet, maybe re are some, especially among young people, who might like to know that under black spot re was a library founded by a petite woman, dreamy, cultured and brave, who died or day, and who answered to name of María Teresa Castells.

How will have been frightening everyday life of a place for a person dedicated to sale of books became without eating it or drinking it in a symbol of resistance and freedoms? I don't need to elaborate on details of history of library Lagun. They are well known. The trade, not particularly spacious, was attacked by activists of extreme right in aftermath of franco regime; later on, with different arguments, but with same intentions and similar methods, by radical left-wing nationalism. The one and or coincide in detail to me highly significant. Having been able to do, not stole any book in course of ir violent action.

I Keep a memory pleasing, and even family, from Maria Theresa. His was one of those libraries that one has come to buy books, yes, but also to stick thread. One passed through plaza of Constitution, and entered, and was met with Ignacio Latierro fun with numbers, or smoking a cigar, and with Maria Teresa, with whom I could talk about latest novel by Juan Marsé, on children respective, on vacation and on all sorts of matters, public and private. is With reason it was known as "soul of nest".

My relationship with her and with Lagun was intense and enduring. In Lagun I bought first book not school of my life. In his showcase right I saw exposed for first time a work of menda. In Lagun, we present a number of magazine CLOC Art and Desarte, with intervention fervent of an unknown that left us all speechless, and that Maria Theresa continued, recalling in detail many years later.

life, he sometimes has outbursts of generosity, I got a double reunion with María Teresa Castells in past few months after long time of sending greetings by intermediaries. The Foundation Ramon Rubial had courtesy to add us to her, to me and ors in last list of winners with ir prize, which gave us opportunity for a new hug and to share some memories, at least up to where Maria Theresa allowed her already fragile memory. Greater sense of farewell I was left to remember his presence a surprise in presentation of Homeland, back in last November, in library Alberti, Madrid, or, to be more exact, in next bar, because, in those days, rupture of a pipe on top floor ruined a considerable part of local and we had to avail ourselves of hospitality of innkeeper neighbor.

The history of terrorism of ETA is today inseparable from a group that is not small women who stood up to aggressor and ir accomplices. Stricken by cruelty of totalitarian, left widows, orphans, malheridas, starred in some of episodes more human and worthy of last few decades. Each one of m composed an extraordinary case of courage, dignity and fortitude. It would be desirable that some day studies historiographical been agreed upon. I refrain from listing m by not committing injustice of forgetting a name. None sought to interpret role that terrorism was imposed on m. Be that as it may, if one day, those who are in a position to do so write your story, don't coat slightest doubt that María Teresa Castells deserve a page and even a whole chapter of a possible book. Of or will not be much more than a black spot.


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