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Marwan: "If we compare with the geniuses, all you do is bad"

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Marwan: "If we compare with the geniuses, all you do is bad"

The singer-songwriter and poet, publishes his new work, 'My interior landscapes', which mixes ir two facets

re Was a time in which poetry was little more than paper sepia to young spaniards. It was an approximation of a compulsory meaning that it still could not encompass anything from institute. Until y came to m, a horde of poets, some young and ors not so much, that y decided to democratizarla, make it for all audiences. Injected with simplicity, for good and for evil, and used Internet, of recitals and of intensity of youth to create what some called new poetry, it means what it means that. Now listed in text books.

There are many names: Carlos Salem, Irene X, Diego Ojeda, Elvira Sastre... One of those responsible has been Marwan, in madrid 38 years as a singer-songwriter who is made poet. His book All of my future are with you already have sold 60.000 copies and The sad story of your body on mine, or 47,000. Now reappears with My interior landscapes, a disc designed as a book; eleven songs that turn into poems more extensive in interior and building prism of sentimental author. "Each song is intended to be a photo, talk about a place very determined, that's why it is called so," says Marwan.

you Are responsible for that young people now read poetry.Yes. It has consolidated a movement that began Escandar Algeet and Carlos Salem up some videos in which y recited poems. It was about 2011, and drew half a million visits on YouTube. I that I ignored it when I brought out my first book. I was going on a wave and we started to sell to beast. That's why I encouraged my friends, Diego Ojeda, Nach or Rayden, to do same. Now, because until we have reached text books of Anaya and Bruño. Although I'm ashamed to recognize it because I don't think I deserve it yet.Here Internet is a key factor. In Instagram, for example, in addition to tit has begun to have pictures of verses and stanzas. The key is, above all, in social networks. That causes boom. Sometimes re are people who share ir things and get many "I like". Well, that makes a publishing company to approach him. I don't know if it is good or bad.Wet.It is worth it. We must start from basis that everyone has right to publish a book, wher good or bad. Although that depends with what you compare, if it is with geniuses, Cernuda, Neruda, Miguel Hernández... because everything you do is wrong. It is as well. But y all have right to write. Anor thing is that y publish books of poor literary quality just because you have many "I like". But that is a reflection of society in which we live, when we consider that what is successful is automatically valid. Is that people we sometimes aggravating, and, of course, if I compare it with Neruda... he has a Nobel prize. What do you call all this? What new poetry?There are people who call like this, but it is not new. It is new to those who have not read poetry or who have prejudices. But what I write, for example, does not differ much from what y write to some who have been National Prize of Poetry as Luis Alberto de Cuenca. Obviously it has more quality and is a scholar, but me does not differ much. What is new is this wave brutal. I think that we have rescued in some way poetry of everyday. Do you suffer a lot of elitism?Yes. I understand that re are people that carries a lifetime currándose a few poems brutal and reach ors with less literary quality, among which I include myself, and you suddenly begin to sell... because it can affect ego. But I feel that each one occupies its site. There are people that are put to deal card of poet and writing poetry is a right for all mundo.Su work has a format that is interesting, in fact, one almost does not know if it is a book or a disc.It is a disk, and all poems are based on songs. I composed 11 tracks and once done I decided to dedicate anor point of view. What I did was place camera in different places, with poems. To me, what I like most is to make songs but y are more limited. In poems I allow myself to wander more or stretch language. One of things that characterizes this new wave is youth of its audience. How would you like to have a public more adult, more mature?Prior to my gigs came from people my age. When I started selling poetry to beast descended to age of audience, and now range is from 16 to 35, I would say. Sometimes I would like to have more people of 30 years old, because story things trying to find a depth. But it is public that chooses. Also, as I speak much love and that is something that keeps you up at night in teens, so I guess that will have an influence. In 'I want to forget but you call me' speaks of "my semen sloshing in your belly..." Perhaps a teen does not have sufficient background sexual to understand some thoughts.Well now, at 16 already... (laughs). Sometimes I'm amazed that people tell me that writing for teens. I have a poem of five pages talking about Spain, dictatorship, embezzlement national, etc. There are poems in which I talk about abuse... it amazes me that label. It is true that sometimes we are intense, which is something that takes more in those ages. But I wish more people our age still. Let's do an exercise. I present stereotypes that fall upon his generation, and finally someone responds from within.It is worth it.Do all songs of Marwan are same?No. In my previous album I speak of Madrid, of holes that we have to solve a psychological level. Anor song is about relationships stormy, anor success and fame... only that on previous album. This is something more monograph of love, even though I have or issues. Then no, not kidding.Can you build a metaphor that is smart thinking that has to fit in 140 characters of Twitter?Totally. Many of my micropoemas are born by writing to Twitter. I wanted to put out a book of poems written in 140 characters. It is difficult to. Are you more of Bécquer that of Gil de Biedma's or Leopoldo María Panero?I love three. Panero a little less because it is very dark, but Biedma me flipa can that more that Bécquer. That re are some things reflected in our books does not mean that we have not read. I don't read books of this generation with exception of Carlos Salem, Pedro Andreu and Luis Ramiro. Anyone who listens to a recording of me can't say that I'm a fool and I don't know what I'm talking about. If he says that is ignorant. There you have a holder.Last of stereotypes. What are more of The Beatles than Dick Records or The Clash?We are more than Beatles, yes. Do you suffer from Marwan syndrome Álex Ubago? What if you find a girlfriend you are just inspiration?(Laughs) Well, no, look, my previous album I did still very much in love and I've never composed so much in my life and with so much confidence. In happiest moments is when I have created, despite fact that sadness is more photogenic.


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