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Rome, Dzeko grinding: "I too only? No criticism Of Francesco"

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Rome, Dzeko grinding: "I too only? No criticism Of Francesco"

ROME - Edin Dzeko tries to correct shot. After equal to internal l'Atletico Madrid, and, after having openly declared to feel too alone in attack, bosnian tries to explain away social sense of words spoken to hot in belly of Olympic stadium. "yesterday was a very difficult race, fought on every ball - he wrote on his Twitter profile -. I wanted to make a larger contribution, but in such races is not; always easy, for this at end of race I was not very happy. I am sorry forò that my words were interpreted as a criticism. Instead, I think that teachings of mister are right ones, and committing ourselves to maximum we obtain results we want! Gives Rome!".

Gives Rome! ????

— Edin deny džeko (@EdDzeko) September 13, 2017 L' " former Manchester City forward, last season under guidance Spalletti, has produced 39 goals between league and cups, in this part of network with l'Inter, not è managed to stamp on tag, né with l'Atalanta né with l'Atletico Madrid, seemingly, on many occasions, too only and incapable of bearing weight of 'attack of match. Not più insertions of 'raider champions doubled ir advantage, forced back to role of interior in new form Of Francis, né balloons-a gift from push network of Salah, sold by weight d'gold at Liverpool. And it is perhaps from here that is party his 'j'accusation' last night ("Before I wrote so much quest'year sarà più difficult, I touched a few balls, we hope to tap più. You feel lack of Totti? Of course, as he feels that Salah, who played next to me. Also champions doubled ir advantage, he played più near, now, y are all più away..."). Thoughts and words by which forò già today, Dzeko has taken distances.And n c'è me of athletic condition of squad. Just like against l'Inter after 60 good minutes, Rome is fallen physically, discovering side because it'opponent, wrong easy to disengage and by - objectively - too. Unlike match with nerazzurri forò, l'Atletico Madrid has not sunk shot, also thanks to miracles of Alisson (note più pleased with evening's goal), but this is a problem that does not let you sleep soundly at Of Francis, who has said "you know whyé legs of his still did not stand up and rhythms of game". A delay of athletic condition that mister has accused tournéand american, but that, objectively, it seems too little to justify many amnesia seen in beginning of season.


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