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The Black one is gold

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The Black one is gold

Amparo Velasco amazed at Morocco with its mix of brazilian music, flamenco and jazz

In Tanger you put on tiptoe on beach and see Rock of Gibraltar, you put on radio and one of every three efeemes sound in Spanish. Behind rock, re is The Line and re is a statue of Shrimp with insignia of Johnny on flap. To see The Black in medina of Tanger do not need to tiptoe.

-What a hair bigger! exclaims a hustler to his step. Amparo Velasco La Negra, laughs, missing a few hours for her concert and has decided to go shopping. Found very cheap in a sumptuous gown color gold, which will premiere at concert. Is a singer for singers. Three discs of songs that will make you look back, listen again, daydreaming.

Tanger, Morocco, is a place of contrasts: luxury may seem cheap and with price of a small bottle you can feed yourself. The luxury is within reach and it can cost you a round. In hall of Palace Moulay Hafid, which presents The Black, re is a bar from which come endless conversations.

Amparo is a gypsy and, at times defines itself as a mix between Shrimp and James Brown. He sings songs with two guitarists, Juan Fernandez Panky, and David Manzano, and has an echo of flamenco that many associate with Concha Buika, whose step-by-Tanger is remembered as " year we blew up festival because y couldn't fit more people." You know that pit flamenco of Buika is by osmosis as she grew up in a gypsy neighbourhood in Majorca. Meanwhile, The Black did in São Paulo, Mexico City and New York.

-Under it, if it's not indiscreet, what is devoted to your parents?.

-My mor was a makeup artist in soap operas of great success so that we went beyond where I would have a job.

And Black remember your first toy: "it Was a bossa nova, I went everywhere with her for São Paulo as if it were a doll, I also remember carnivals of Rio".

So chief, was mor. "If we are roma very rare, my far was one who stayed home to take care of us, my mor was one that won jornal".

-And what about those tangos that you've put your mor on second disk?

-Are ones who sang it, only sang at home, my voice is voice of my mor.

The Black has started to sing a brazilian song that he learned in his childhood, his voice captures viewers are concentrated in chairs in front of stage. The noise from bar does not help those who are losing spell of a voice unparalleled in world of jazz and of flamenco. In reality it is neir jazz nor flamenco, neir one thing nor or, is an attempt to explain it, because re is on planet with a singer similar. There are a few Spanish but listen to several languages. Sings Black trombone, Serge Gaingsbourg, in an interpretation that seems to surprise French. He gives some of compositions of Colors, ir third album, and, suddenly, happens, among public re is chorus that repeats refrain and one that proves that magic exists. To occur again with a reggae who wrote to Luis Pastor and Black smiles sweaty. Her spectacular dress don't sweat it. Panky and David are multiplied to form a big band soul with a 12-string. The minimalism works if se concentrated.

The Tanjazz festival turns 18 years old but at times he makes mistakes of a beginner. The organizers urge artists to leave space fitted out as a dressing room because you have to try anor group. The artists or mosquean because this is a festival endearing and unusual. When you return to hotel re is a round with a jam session in bar, appear songs of Louis Armstrong, and a trumpet player makes typical scales of be-bop. The Black and flemish choose to mount a round and parallel when you n draw guitars appear songs of The Chorbos, a few fandangos and at end of night some bulerías. "A strangeness in me" sums up singer. Some of musicians come timidly to fire of flamenco, but do not know codes and prefer to listen, amazed.


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