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The cutlery and knife classic Albacete, Well of Cultural Interest

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The cutlery and knife classic Albacete, Well of Cultural Interest

The artifact is declared as Well of Cultural Interest in category of intangible asset

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has declared Good of Cultural Interest (BIC), in category of intangible property, to cutlery and knife classic Albacete, a sign of identity of city and part of its popular culture.

Although history of pocket knife as a folding knife is universal and very old-have been found remains in grave goods of graves on peninsula of Second Iron Age and roman excavations, razor classic is more widespread in Spain at end of SIXTEENTH century.

Taking into account that certain weapons, like sword, were reserved for nobility and military, knife became element of defense for rest of population: an object easy to hide, small size and lightweight.

In Albacete, first cutler which reference is Alonso Fernández (XV century), but it was in SIXTEENTH century when it expanded sector and in SEVENTEENTH century, when widespread use of blade and increased its demand.

in The EIGHTEENTH century is considered "golden age" of cutlery albacetense, when re are great teachers of trade and becomes one of most important centers of Europe.

In fact, at end of this century population of Albacete was around 10.000 people and re were about twenty factories of cutlery.

In NINETEENTH century, continuing boom in sector, which is also known in or parts of Europe; in 1926 Society is founded Cuchillera Albacetense, integrated by 19 cutlery, and in 1971 are encrypted over a hundred workshops that worked for five major factories.

Aprecu, Association of Cutlery and Allied, is organization that has called for declaration of BIC, published today in Official Journal of Castilla-La Mancha.

"Albacete is synonymous with knife, cutlery; statements like this foster creation and promotion of crafts of traditional character, transmitted to next generations, thus safeguarding sector cutler and knife classic albacete, a symbol of identity of Albacete", stresses statement


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