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The museum, which gave birth to Ben Gabirol

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The museum, which gave birth to Ben Gabirol

The Cultural Center's Sephardic Malaga takes his first steps and gets to date end of 2019 to your opening

The property, which will feature a private investment of two million euros, will house an art gallery, a synagogue and library in old jewish quarter

Half a millennium ago, approximately, in streets of historic center of Malaga lived a melting pot that are already part of DNA of city. Christians, muslims and jews took hold on side of mount Gibralfaro and inspired concept of cosmopolitan city currently holds. However, passing of centuries y put a value on influence of first two, not so much last one, I saw how great jewish quarter that housed remained in oblivion. Until now. An ancient yearning of jewish community of malaga see light, if anything is twisted, to end of 2019 in those same land on which was jewish quarter: Cultural Center's Sephardic.

"it Is great pride for us to be able to offer Málaga opportunity of knowing each or, teach our culture and do so, moreover, from jewish quarter". Ruben Bentata, chairman of Jewish Community of Malaga, speaks with enthusiasm about a project that, despite taking its first steps in 2002, thanks to sale of land by city Council, has now been when it has been taken up after getting financing. "In community was disbelief, I was forgotten... but everyone is trying to put his granite of sand, and we have 30 or 40 people involved, with an important role within museum's" impact.

And is that Cultural Center's Sephardic Malaga, and in addition will be nestled in third Spanish city with more jews -in capital live a thousand, while in province, amounting to five thousand-, aims to become in all a reference to national level. To do this, you will have a museum, a study centre, anor activity of activity, a synagogue, a library and a restaurant. All, in a building that will have a surface area of 1.047 square metres constructed in plaza of Jewish quarter, next to bodegas El Pimpi, after an investment of two million euros of private funds. "We will try to be a museum, visitor to dip into our culture and see connections to sephardic of today," says Bentata, who aims to solve "mystical" about judaism "in a healthy way, fun and culturally."

In this sense, asserts president of Jewish Community of Malaga, re are not so many studies on sephardic jewry in province. "There was a height, with Ben Gabirol -philosopher from malaga, who is celebrated in 2018 thousand years of its birth, but now we add to University of Malaga to develop his ories, and put table to join researchers from all over world", specifies.


today is expected to start soon, inspection work archaeological in area to determine that field does not have any site of historical value. Once completed, we will proceed to construction of building, whose principal content is Basilio Baltasar. "We want to give visitor an overview and dynamics of intellectual wealth of writers and thinkers spaniards of jewish religion, as well as special connection of community with book and writing, which turned it into a cultural promotion of highest order", underlines, and n to formulate an argument in favour of sephardi and ir work "for construction of modernity".

For display in museum shall be placed in spaces dedicated to great characters of intelligentsia jewish, although also re will be focused on book and literary works, and philosophical of spaniards of jewish religion. On or hand, we will present architectures of aljama in Spanish and, finally, re will be a place for diaspora of sephardic jews and heritage of ir cultural heritage. "We're just coming out of historical periods of great intolerance, segregation and consign ors to oblivion, so that for visitors it will be a real discovery," says Baltasar.

"The sephardic tradition is a collective heritage, whose story is also story of Spain, of Europe, and even universities; we have to build tolerance again, and it is based on intelligence and know-how", concludes director of content of future Cultural Center's Sephardic Malaga, a new space for dialogue that reverdecerá jewish quarter in which, five hundred years ago, lived in a multicultural environment, with intellectuals of stature of own Ben Gabirol.


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