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The Sample of Spanish Theatre celebrates 25 years calling for more presence

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The Sample of Spanish Theatre celebrates 25 years calling for more presence

The author honored in this edition is García May, who will present monologue 'Sofia'

age of 25 years at a cultural event in Spain is a cause of great celebration. So, as highlighted yesterday in presentation of new edition of Theatre festival of Contemporary Authors responsible for cultural policy.

The deputy director of Theatre of Ministry of Culture, Fernando Cerón, set tone of struggle request that " administrations have to be aware that it is basic to contemporary atre and reflect if you do it enough, or is it time to rethink a most resolute support and not just money."

"The obligation is utopia and I think that y are not so expensive,", answered in ir turn Guillermo Heras, responsible for se decades of encounter. So that put some examples of those ideas, for those who do not ask for money, "but resources for to make things like House of Translator".

This would be "a residence that could bring two, I don't ask more, for a month to translate works of contemporary atre". This work "it seems to me essential that we look after, is our fight along with Sanguino, because it is open markets. The translators are a gear very important in drama world". And put an example as in Greece will debut this year a dozen works. From re y would mention possibility of organizing a congress on me with Sgae.

finally, Heras mentioned which would lead to strengn to authors of Community if it "managed to have a fund at margin to co-produce, it would be premiere here, and would need a little extra help". "These are things which do not imply rethinking of Sample, but rar a strengning of it," she said.

Decay, release of Sample still does not fit in that section of co-own but is funded by Institut Valencià of Culture, represented by Roberto Garcia. The text of Juan Luis Mira, directed by Pascual Carbonell, will have a purely province of alicante, and will be piece opening on 3rd of November.

The or author featured will be Ignacio García May, to whom he paid tribute in this edition. May get to Sample day 6 with Sofia, monologue dedicated to queen, emerita, and that has brought him recognition from critics and public. Also author of texts such as Alexei, with whom he made his debut at just 20 years of age or The wave, represents anor trend is that during se 25 years has been implemented: writer who directs ir own mounts.


Heras recalled as Sanchis Sinisterra first edition was an exceptional case of director and author. Now that it is almost norm. Something almost as rare in his time as to dedicate an entire week in Alicante to teach mounts of authors live. "When we started," she said, outraged, Heras, " Spanish author did not have valuation that has now and had to listen to many stupid things even on part of profession as critics bound in Madrid, entrepreneurs, strong, developers, or directors, saying re are not texts. They said such a falsehood."

Now, however, appreciation for new texts is such that it is common to find that big names released a lot overseas. As is case of Juan Mayorga, who will bring his comedy cheek by jowl on 8th.

The or major change that signaled director of Sample is increased presence of women. "When we started it was very difficult to find shows," he said. While "re have always been authors, how difficult was that it represented". Today that has changed completely-now re is a great projection of se proposals, to extent that re are 17 authors on programming". A figure that "is not by being politically correct, is that re are very good proposals," and that is also due to "tendency that re is in Spanish State and Latin america, writing several hands."

And set it is also job of mounting a festival, that's why Heras concluded by highlighting role of sponsors and public to keep on a proposal as well in Alicante.


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