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Thomas, as the Holy Job

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Thomas, as the Holy Job

With a 96% effectiveness in pass, was one of best in Rome

Atletico was Olympic with hands (almost) empty

Before match on Tuesday in Rome, 'run-run' around alignment of Simeone wanted to know if I was going to play captain, Gabi. Most of assumptions were made that yes, y would play, and that refore that would go to bench would be Thomas Partey (Accra, Ghana, 24 years). Gabi played, yes, for an hour, but who visited bench was not Thomas, but Carrasco. It has been third straight game as african footballer at centre of field of Simeone, a place overpopulated in that it is not easy to play.

As Thomas must fight a site with Gabi, Koke, Saul, Augusto and even Gimenez. Are five, almost six players for just two places in field. "It takes us four years and has worked hard, waited for his moment. This pre-season we talked with him and told him that I was going to compete with everyone to have your post. It is a competition very good, with good players, and best will come to team coach will have him," said Diego Simeone after game in bowels of Olympic, where also he was guy before microphones. A boy, indeed, he has had all patience in world.

"It's a personal pride, I have worked hard to be able to be playing on a night like this", said boy, who arrived at Atletico almost at same time that Simeone. Jose Jimenez, representative of football players, and a partner that has in Africa, offered it to guy at Athletic. Tested with youth and technicians saw that I had level.

he Was companion of Óliver Torres in junior B, passed immediately to branch with Alfredo Santaelena. A first assignment to Mallorca and a second Almería (where was holder in First Division) left in summer of 2015 in hands of Simeone. There no longer came out again and, after two years with a few games (47 in two full courses, few as owner), it seems that her hour has come.

The 'Cholo' polished your diamond

In Rome, its 96% effective in pass was only surpassed by Gabi. Is a physical marvel, but dominates ball and what Simeone has tried to Polish over years has been a certain relaxation when defending or some wrong outputs with ball, trying to haggle when you can not or playing passes too risky.

"It's a box-to-box as y say in England", has always said technician, that physical deployment of ghanaian convincing, and much. Thomas, a shy, deeply religious, is oldest of eight brors and sisters. His mor had five of his first marriage and three of a second link. A curious fact: when representative partner of Jose Jimenez traveled to his village to convince you to come down here to prove to Spain he had not seen play.

"Senegal" -so he calls him his far, manager of a soccer school in Odumase Krobo - time has come to succeed. It has been installed in center of field of a candidate to win European Cup and he assumes it with humility. "I try to always do what is best for team and coach trust in me," he said yesterday with shy look, looking forward to getting out to bus and return to your anonymity. Each time it is going to cost more.


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