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TV : "Cinema Perverso" or the years Bali-Kino

See also this evening. Back on the crazy adventure of cinemas, train station germany, whose programming is kitsch attracted the crowds (on Arte 22: 50 am).

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TV :

see also this evening. Back on crazy adventure of cinemas, train station germany, whose programming is kitsch attracted crowds (on Arte 22: 50 am).

Documentary on Arte at 22 h 50Au aftermath of second world war, in a Germany in ruins, major stations are part of infrastructure rebuild of an emergency, and in thirty of m, authorities built cinemas and cheap.

The initial idea is that, between two trains, passengers can kill time in se Bali-Kino (for Bahnhof, " station ", Lichtspiele, " games of light "), where projections will take place in a continuous. At end of 1940s, se rooms to inputs and outputs are independent, and seats spaced to present news and entertainment. It promises a tour of world in fifty minutes for 50 fennigs !

little by Little, programming is evolving, atmosphere of scene changes. On screen scroll series Z, improbable nanars, erotic films, toga / sandal with a small budget, horror in cardboard. In mid-1960s, when television invaded home, Bali-Kino, continue to attract audiences with films from scandinavia and programming mixing action films of second area, and soft-porn. In morning, retirees come to rinse eye. In evening, young people turned up in bands. And HOMELESS find refuge.

original Vision of company

a New stage in 1970s with kung-fu, always sex, and a few american productions to low cost. The decade of 1980s, with arrival in mass of VHS tapes, will mark end of years Bali-Kino, even if five rooms still exist.

Rich in testimonies and images of municipal archives (from Hamburg, Cologne or Freiburg), this documentary delves into history of popular cinema in German and gives an original vision of company. Of ancient glories such as René Weller, performer Macho Man (1986), remember good old days. Gertrud Sonnenburg, used at checkout of a Bali-Kino since 1959, lists with a wry smile, titles of some films shown in se cinemas, The Empire of giant ants (1977)Friday, bloodthirsty (1972).

The excerpts of se works are unlikely diffused in this documentary are worth detour. As some trailers, a true masterpiece of bad taste and black humor.

Cinema Perverso, Oliver Schwehm (All., 2015, 60 min).


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