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TV : "James White ", a portrait feverish and painful

Our choice of the evening. Played by Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Abbott, who are outstanding, to the series of Josh Mond is its tone, between John Cassavetes and James Gray (OCS application).

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TV :

Our choice of evening. Played by Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Abbott, who are outstanding, to series of Josh Mond is its tone, between John Cassavetes and James Gray (OCS application).

Series on OCS at demandeOn had known Christopher Abbott's Girls (2011-2017), Lena Dunham. He appeared in young man a little lantern at beginning of HBO series and came back during season 5, somewhat transformed, in irresistible junkie. Since n, young actor – who has mostly done atre – was shown on screen, especially in It Comes at Night (2017) Trey Edward Shults. But James White (2015), an endearing feature from Josh Mond that CSOS played and makes available in replay, has fully revealed to us in confiding to her title role.

Abbott is a young man, about twenty shattered, drowning his despair in alcohol, and toxic substances, while his far, whom he has barely known, had died and that his mor's relapse of a cancer soon to be fatal.

James finds a childhood friend, african-american and gay – played by Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi, who has also signed music for this film, to which binding condition désexualisée but that does not prevent m from ending up in same room, each with a relation of night "lifting" in course of a night. The look – both-tired, bright-and-black – opaque- Abbott is a tool of drama in which camera is highly mobile and close to ir faces, pulls great party.


As in formidable scene by which begins James White, who leads character of penumbra is toxic to a nightclub in "after" big day enabled a avenue of New York city (where bulk of this film). The strength (both soft and mineral, moving and striking) of this young actor hope to see him again in characters of this size. But one is also amazed by Cynthia Nixon, who played difficult role of mor dying.

In spite of a variety of roles in biology on small and big screen (but also a lot in atre), actress continues to be marked by role of Miranda in hit series Sex and City (1998 – 2004), Darren Star. But James White gave him opportunity to reveal a dramatic force little common.

The roles of dying are both cursed and blessed : y are able to switch in tearful and hysterical, and touching on ridiculous ; transfigured by a game player in mould of Nixon-y are unforgettable. The complexion pale and androgynous actress gives him an air of Pierrot lunaire and participates to give a truth impressive to agony of this woman, whose cancer reaches physical forces, but also mental capabilities. What we see and hear – rattle extreme, at time when it expires – is truly mind-boggling.

Is this by analogy with role of dying mor (embodied by a more expressionist by Vanessa Redgrave) in Little Odessa (1994), that James White made us think of this film of James Gray ? Probably. He reigns in se two great examples of independent cinema american a climate of abandonment, of wandering and uneasiness desperate that, in many ways, resonates in echo of sublime genius and dented anor great american filmmaker, John Cassavetes.

The camera filming up close in faces and scene of funeral where character feels a stranger and rejected – that is reminiscent of Opening Night (1977) – are, among ors, familiar signs and affectionate.

James White, Josh Mond. With Christopher Abbott, Cynthia Nixon, Scott Mescudi, Ron Livingston (USA, 2014, 83 min).


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