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TV : "side Effects ", in the spider's web of Soderbergh

Our choice of the evening. Celebrating the wedding of the crime and of the therapy, the filmmaker sign a entertainment free and inventive resonance to the disturbing (on France 4 at 20: 55).

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TV :
Film on France 4 to 20 h 55Parler too precisely side Effects, it is necessarily reveal what is appeal of this film to be supremely intelligent and entertaining. The following paragraphs are, refore, rar to consume after you have experienced se side Effects. The most striking is a disorienting, intoxicating.

The movie starts a little on mode of Erin Brockovich (2000), one of great success of Steven Soderbergh, a drama with strong social message. It was n a matter of pointing to devastating effects of industry on daily life of citizens. Here, Emily Taylor, a frail young woman, is in throes of depression, and we shall soon see that cure, Ablixa, that he was advised by his psychiatrist, dr. Jon Banks, a on it of adverse effects.

As it has done since Che, Steven Soderbergh has turned (it is its own operator) with a digital camera in RED. He used his palette of autumnal for filming New York city with a lack of sentimentalism gratifying. In front of his goal, film becomes a big city where you may as well lose that hide. And it is true that at beginning of side Effects it is convinced that Emily is in danger. It was face-end and extraordinarily changing of Rooney Mara.

She found her husband (Channing Tatum), who comes to spend months in prison for financial crimes and is not able to readjust to married life. The depression, "terrible black fog" described by american novelist William Styron ( great man is not here quoted free of charge, it is put into scenario), invades his life, until she meets a beautiful psychiatrist british, exiled in New York (Jude Law, always seductive and disturbing).

The time that it occurs a disaster, cause of which is attributed, by medical and justice, Ablixa, and we find ourselves, without even realizing it, in one of those film noirs where motivations of characters change from one plan to anor, depending on point of view that we adopt.

Soderbergh invokes as references se thrillers psychological 1980s of which star was often Glenn Close (Liaison fatale, A double-edged sword...), you can also go back furr, until Mysterious Doctor Korvo, Otto Preminger, anor film which celebrated marriage of rapy and of crime.

Contradictions of society

The spider web that weaves screenplay of Scott Z. Burns to people to creatures of a first – friendly-like first psychiatrist, Emily, embodied in Carine Zeta-Jones – or trivial, as this substitute of attorney (Michael Nathanson). One is terrible, or particularly pugnacious.

The fluidity of staging and depth of interpretation give to entertainment of resonances of a concern. Steven Soderbergh is a immoraliste impenitent, who puts in a scene from Sex, lies and videotape (1989), contradictions between rule and desire, between social norm and moral.

Between se forces, overwhelming and demoralizing, he slips pleasure of cinema, an antidepressant of first choice.

side Effects of Steven Soderbergh. With Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Carine Zeta-Jones (EU, 2012, 116 min).


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