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TV : "The Fabulous powers of hypnosis "

Our choice of the evening. Treatment of pain, phobias... the medicine has increasingly been resorting to this practice once condemned (on Arte at 22: 25).

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TV :
Documentary on Arte at 22 h 25Tour in turn admired and n criticized, hypnosis returns for a few years on front of stage, medical and scientific. Far from being reduced to a show of hypnotist quebec Messmer, she has become a true rapeutic agent.

Fighter of received ideas and prejudices which still surround, Thierry Berrod, and Pierre-François Gaudry unravel this practice, in past tense, and lay out some of its virtues. Through interviews of experts, two authors seek first to explain scientific process. Using brain imaging, researchers are studying mechanisms of mind that lead to this state of semi-consciousness.

" Our brain sees what it believes, " says dr. David Spiegel, of american university of Stanford. In or words, our sensory perception is found modified by suggestions of hypnotist.

to better understand, especially in its medical use, Thierry Berrod, and Pierre-François Gaudry puts us at heart of CHU of Liège, Belgium, where practitioners use hypnosédation which combines a local anaestic and hypnosis.

It is in this hospital that Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville, anessiologist-réanimatrice, was first to revive use of hypnosis in modern anaessia, in 1992. It is also one of se operations to consciousness open. To escape pain, both physical and psychological, exit drug solutions. Close eyes and create mental images in order to forget surrounding reality : this is an exercise that patients can re-home m.

acting on areas of our brain that creates pain, hypnosis may significantly reduce it. Even more surprising, spectator neophyte will discover benefits psychic of this practice : stop smoking, improve athletic performance or lose weight.

If explanations of specialists may at times seem abstruse, authors attempt to illustrate ir remarks through skits, fun, extracted from films or advertising. And help to better understand this phenomenon, a complex brain, without letting ourselves sink into a state second.

The fantastic powers of hypnosis, Thierry Berrod, and Pierre-François Gaudry (Fr., 2017, 52 min).


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