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Würth 2007-2017; in motion

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Würth 2007-2017; in motion

The unique museum, located in a polygon of La Rioja, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a major exhibition on kinetic art

In September 2007, an ambitious exhibition of contemporary sculpture opened Museum Würth La Rioja. Under heading human Figure and abstraction met more than a hundred pieces of authors such as Jean Arp, eduardo Chillida, or Jan Fabre. It was first show and noted signs of identity, a centre dedicated to art of 100 years, since n, program a large annual exhibition, on margins of or sampling points in upper part of building, a building topped by a glass roof 1,400 square meters.

The Museum Würth is a singular center and possibly unique in world, since ir exhibitions are nourished from collection of entrepreneur Reinhold Würth, who has a background of more than 17,000 pieces (painting, sculpture and graphic work) of century XX and XXI. In 1970, entrepreneur acquired Reflection of clouds in marshes, a watercolor painting by Emil Nolde painted in 1935, year of birth of industrial German. This would be first piece of one of most important private collections of Europe, with works by Picasso, Chagall, Bourgeois, Henry Moore, Warhol, Magritte, Miró,..., in addition to sections dedicated to Chillida, Max Bill, Max Ernts, Baselitz, Christo...

In year 2003, this collection, which specializes in contemporary art, he began his section of Old Masters, focused on painting medieval-european. All this fund feeds and generates exhibitions that are being planned in 14 museums that German businessman has opened in Europe.

The Museum Würth la Rioja celebrates this fall its 10 years with All is movement, an exhibition on kinetic art and optical art, which will remain open until April 2, 2018. The exhibition part of exhibition movement, which took place in Paris in 1955, at which time it begins to be defined as kinetic as a new artistic current, which finally won after 10 years in The sensitive eye of MOMA in New York.

The way you introduce motion in viewer is threefold: creating objects that move, such as sculptures of Jean Tinguely, present in sample, with three of ir philosophers; through movement of spectators, which, according to where y are appreciate one or or perspective in work exhibited, something that is very evident in work of Patrick Hughes. The third option is to fool retina of visitor by means of optical games and color generating phenomena of transformation.

The exhibition Everything is movement, comprising 74 pieces from 1921 ( precedents) and 2013 30 artists. The show opens with games geometric and color of Victor Vasarely, considered far of Optical Art (Op Art). Lucio Fontana, Jesus Rafael Soto, Gunr Uecker, François Morellet are or artists present in this exhibition, where prospects of changing of Hughes are works most commented.

Among exhibitions held this decade stand out 75/65 collector, company and its collection, 2011, an anthology of collection of Reinhold Würth with occasion of its 75 years. And also of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, an exhibition of nearly 100 pieces that were exhibited drawings, preliminary sketches and documentation graphics of se artists, specialized in envelope of large buildings (such as Reichstag in Berlin) or public interventions (Central Park, Arkansas River...). On occasion of this exhibition, 2009, marriage visited La Rioja. Shortly after, he died Jeanne-Claude.

in Addition to nursery of large collection, from which y leave exhibitions of museum Würth, anor of his characteristics -and in this y are unique - is that se 14 art centres are not located in cities, but in polygons where y settle business of German industrial, as if it were a continuation perfectly natural in place of work.

This point, and so says Silvia Lindner, director of Museum Würth La Rioja, reflects philosophy of founder create complicity between culture and work, build a separate space in which to live art and industry. "The museum Würth are directed to employees, customers and proveederos, and public in general," says director of this museum, 15 kilometres from Logroño. 350,000 people have visited its exhibitions. Lindner, who before was in Guggenheim of Bilbao, adds that exhibition is enriched with a cultural programme and education for schools and families.

One of ways to be more original to bring art closer to people, and especially young people, is proposal night, museum sounds, now in its seventh edition. Every Wednesday of August, museum of la rioja and its great campus town of sculptures have been open until wee hours to some 2,000 people in a kind of camp food-truck and music punctured by djs under moon light. The environment is mixed with visit to museum, presided over by a large sculpture of Manolo Valdes before it was exposed in courtyard back of Reina Sofia museum.


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