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30 years of research: 32 percent use bleach once a week increases the risk of COPD

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30 years of research: 32 percent use bleach once a week increases the risk of COPD

according to a report in Guardian newspaper that were released in UK, research by Institute of France, national health and medical research Harvard University and more than 55 thousand were held with nurses.

according to World Health Organization throughout world each year, approximately 3 million people disease due to narrowing of airways that leads to death of entry and exit of air in lungs making it difficult.

The use of disinfectant before disease was known to increase risk of developing asthma-like ways to my left. However, new research is called Quad for first time detected a link between cleaning chemicals ammonium compounds with COPD.

Rihanna Dumas from Institute National Health and medical research in France, "pointing out that employees were in Europe before as a janitor at a high risk of research, despite potential harmful effects of exposure to COPD was unknown relationship of disinfectants," he said.

re is information about health effects of use of bleach every day, but experts hopes to investigate this.

663 COPD nurse was caught in

Harvard University Research launched in 1989 female nurses. In 2009, health officials still focused and working as a nurse without a history of COPD. Until month of May of this year, nurses ' health data are examined. During this time, nurses 663 were detected during study. In study, age, weight and factors such as ethnicity were also taken into consideration.

as a result of this disinfectant at least once a week regularly uses 22-32 percent of nurses had increased risk of developing COPD.


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