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Catalonia: investigated 700 mayors strongly in favour of the referendum

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Catalonia: investigated 700 mayors strongly in favour of the referendum

BARCELONA - You are deployed to referendum of self-determination of Catalonia of first of October and now in danger of prison. The power of Attorney of Spanish state has investigated approximately 700 mayors from catalonia, about 948, which are expressed in favour of consultation foreseen in little moreù two weeks, and have guaranteed that will help you to use public facilities for voting.The referendum is considered illegal by Madrid. The prosecutors of each county shall "to cite, to appear in qualityà suspects" hundreds of mayors, according to circular sent to various powers of attorney. If auditors are not present, power of Attorney he will haveà ask l'stop mossos d''esquadra, police body regional Catalan.It becomes more and more tense climate around referendum: yesterday Cosulta has suspended law for division be promulgated by Parliament of Catalonia and approved Wednesdayì last year, while only two days ago half a million people had dropped in street to say 'sì you' vote.• DECISION OF THE ATTORNEY, The public Prosecutor of Madrid has sent to attorney Catalan a directive of chief prosecutor of state José Manuel Maza, in which it is ordered that more than 700 mayors participating in 'Association of Municipalities for l's independence, which support referendum to be called to be declared "as suspects, assisted by lawyers". For those who refuse to show up, Maza ordered that y be arrested and brought to Prosecutor's office "in più soon as possible" by regional police of catalonia, "agirà as judicial police". In view of large amount; of new suspects, attorney-general has advised to start with mayors of municipalities più great that you are lined up with president Puigdemont for l'organization of referendum of independence.Maza stressed that possible charges against mayors are same as those provided for Puigdemont and his ministers who signed decree of convocation of a referendum: disobedience, abuse of power and alleged embezzlement of public money, for which re are penalties of imprisonment up to eight years.• LEFT SECESSIONIST: "you CAN STOP ALL""we will Not make a single step back" in "disobedience" to a Spanish state "anti-democratic and unjust". The regional deputies of Cup, Carles Riera, &is sure that mayors of party Catalan left-wing secessionist anti-system Cup "will not bend" at convocation to be determined by power of attorney Spanish. "can't stop many mayors, he added, " re are not enough prisons".• APPEAL RAJOY: "you do NOT GO TO POLLS""If someone has intention to go to a seat, not face, becauseé può be a referendum and it would be an act absolutely illegal", said Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, addressing directly to catalans. Rajoy stressed that government of Madrid toà everything to prevent referendum, depriving organizers of all material and human resources y need, so thaté is carried out consultation.• THE KING IN FIELD AGAINST THE REFERENDUMNot è favorable to consultation of 1 October, which considers an attack on democracy, including king Felipe of Spain, that today you è expressed publicly: "The rights of all spaniards will be protected against those who are on outside fringes of lawà constitutional," said king. According to Felipe of Bourbon, constitutional "prevarrà on any attack against coexistence and democracy". 


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