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How can our domesticated friends be happier and healthier?

Do you know what you need to do to make your pet like one of your family happy? Cats and dogs do not wash very often, every day the same...

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How can our domesticated friends be happier and healthier?
How can our domesticated friends be happier and healthier? Date of entry: 4.10.2017 do you know what to do to make your pet like one of your family happy? Don't wash cats and dogs too often, feed m at same time every day, take ir shots regularly; Some of points to note are cheerful members of our house, our best friends, loyal friends... We have some points to take care of our pets that add color and pleasure to our lives, so that we can spend a healthy and long life with us. Experts recommend following to care for pets we love... When dogs are eight weeks, three weeks between two are vaccinated against disease three times. When he's three months old, he needs a rabies vaccine. Every three months, re's a parasite vaccine. raw meat should not be given Owning pets; It also brings responsibilities such as screening, feeding and washing fears on a daily basis. But re are some spots to be careful about washing. Cats should not be washed almost at all; Only when y go out, ir paws can be erased. Dogs can be washed at long intervals. Dogs should be careful not to run water in ir ears while bathing. For this, cotton can be clogged in your ears. The ph value of shampoo or soap used should be appropriate to skin of animal and should not dry skin. After animal is washed, it must be dried with a towel, n it should be left to dry naturally. The animals should not be given raw meat to prevent interference in ir intestines. Biscuits and chocolates are also among banned foods... Sweet products, such as biscuits, chocolate, can create tartar in teeth of dogs and cats and damage ir eyes. Cats and dogs consume all food that people can eat, except for carbohydrates and chocolates. They can eat eggs, yogurt, cheese. Start training Early Pets can be easily brought to toilet habit. The sooner it starts training, better. Dogs need to be taken out every day. He must do his toilet outside. It should be noted that dogs and cats can feed at same time every day and be taken to toilet at same time. You have to treat cats and dogs differently. Dogs have a hierarchical system; The dog accepts authority of owner. Therefore, y are known as loyal animals. But cats don't accept hierarchy. You can be friends with cats, but you mustn't try to dominate m. The ideal time for children to meet pets is 5-6 years. The child is at this age; He can take responsibility for both himself and pet. Children; If you mix with animals like cats, dogs, goldfish and lovebirds, compassion and compassion develops. ' Grow your children toger with animals ' Dr. Tanju Sürmeli, a psychiatrist, says children growing up with animals are more social, active and loving individuals in future. Dr. Sürmeli said: "Animal nutrition has a sentimental, psychological and behavioral significance for children, child; He learns to take responsibility by feeding dog, cat, or or pets. Animals reduce anxiety of children, give him confidence. If child has experienced a stressful event at school, dog at home will comfort him with his interest and affection. And when it encounters a death, illness or a sad event, it makes it easier to get through animal love. It's same for adults. The child learns to touch through animal and can show his emotions. This; Attention is important for development of memory and speech centres. Feeding animals allows child to learn continuity. Living with an animal for a long time improves child's communication skills. The boy doesn't feel alone because of his cat or his dog. The animal keeps it more active. Enhances social and interactive direction. Research; The children who grew up with animal love from beginning show that y are happier. " your dog's genus reveals your personality Dog training experts say that breed of dog you have gives clues about your personality. Here are characteristics of character of owners according to specific... Golden Retriever: People who are not in need of protection, are in a comfortable character. They care about friendship and loyalty. They are usually elegant and gentle types. They can be thought of as easy, cheerful people who care about friendship. They're very enjoyable to be in a family environment. German Shepherd Dog: Dogs are ones who chose to feed dog as a serious hobby. It can be said that y are determined, honest, loyal people. They are versatile and insensitive. They are disciplined, robust and reliable in ir work. Jack Russell: People who are active and traveling. Social life is important to m. It can be said that y are generally prone to adventure. Labrador: They are fond of sports and are open to any activity made in nature. He certainly won't let you down, he's trustworthy. He likes everything that's good. For example, you can easily make your mind a nice meal.


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