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Is the right bigger than the left

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Is the right bigger than the left


6-8 thousand rare disease known so far. One of m 13 thousand 700 births is seen in BWS. Like many or rare diseases are not carried out studies on tall. Give priority to common diseases of medical world because “an orphan disease”is considered to be. Bell kuşoğlu bws in Turkey should be like, how many kids, for sure that is unknown. Because of this majority of tests required for diagnosis are being made abroad.

began 1 month later

with heart of children engaged in court reporting sener kuşoğlu housewife kusoglu which is second Bell, 4, Weight 960 grams, 52 centimeters tall, good, as a healthy baby was born. However, birth a month later disease began to manifest itself. His right arm, his leg, his cheeks visibly on or hand, was growing faster. The family is Bursa-Istanbul between hospitals and laboratories, so marathon began. What he heard was not encouraging. He can talk, he can walk, heart and or organs can grow, cancer, he could be brain-damaged...

Mr photos, mesude wrote: Levent Servant

in 15 days CONTROL 11

Mom Heart Kuşoğlu, “Always ‘may be’, re is something to be said on net. From anxiety and stress after giving birth I lost 30 pounds in a short time. I've searched a lot, speak, bws will consult with a single person, family, institution I couldn't find,” he says. The parents with baby bell of tube tube from blood for genetic testing was sent to United States. Thus, I'm sure that was name of disease. Now baby bell every 15 days Nephrology, Oncology, Cardiology, Endocrinology 11, including having separate volume controls. Is giving blood, ultrasonography is being towed. Already have high cholesterol, yellow kidney cysts.

house - we sold car

Dad Kuşoğlu Sener says: “be ready for anything y say. Our biggest fear has cancer. Already at this age children are growing fast. Due to effects of this disease, growth is very rapid. So catch or possible diseases need to be able to intervene early and Frequent checks. In spite of being from SSI, every time I give 400 pounds of se controls. At our house we sold it, we sold our car, we took a loan from Bank, my wedding ring, we were forced to sell even at birth of child tag attached. The vast majority of tests go abroad. SSI meets a lot less of m. Moreover, re is no medicine nor any or treatment to go to such lengths.”

to left SHOE 1 size smaller

ANNE kuşoğlu lives of complacency and dad say y have appropriate clothing to sener, fastest growing side. Cana, y buy clos for when y narrow done for ages 2.5 5 years. They make your foot wear shoes 1 Size bigger from left to right.


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