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One of the 3 diabetes patients has an eye problem (12 October World Vision Day)

Prof. Murat Karaçorlu, a Turkish ophthalmology association stating that the most important cause of blindness in developing countries, is the most important cause of blindness in developed countries, said diabetes.

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One of the 3 diabetes patients has an eye problem (12 October World Vision Day)
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Prof. Dr. Murat karaÇorlu, a member of Executive Board of Turkish Ophthalmology Association Medical Retina Unit, stated that incidence of diabetes is increasing in our country, "Today number of diabetic patients in 415 million is 650 million in 2040 is expected to arrive. The situation can be understood, considering that re are eye problems in about 3 of m, "he said.

Explaining causes of vision problems and eye disease caused by diabetes due to October 12th World Vision Day , and explanation of loss of vision, Karaçorlu said:

"The most important causes of blindness in world vary according to level of development of countries. The most important cause of blindness in developing countries is preventable, treatable, although cataract. In countries like Africa, India, Bengladeş, hundreds of thousands are still faced with blindness due to cataracts. In developed countries where our country is also most important cause of blindness is diabetes. Approximately 1.35 billion people in world are experiencing loss of vision in various degrees. 82% of world's blind population is composed of people over age of 50. The sad part of subject is that 80% of loss of vision can be prevented by accurate diagnosis, treatment and prevention. In 2050, 115 million people are expected to be blind in world. "

Prof. Dr. Murat Karaçorlu

Prevalence of diabetes increases every day

"The loss of vision due to diabetes retinopathy or diabetes is more common among uncontrolled diabetics with high blood glucose," said Karaborlu, who also gave information about why diabetescaused visual loss. High blood sugar destroys capillary blood vessels, which causes blockage of veins, bleeding and collection of water in layer of sight i.e. payment. According to data of International Diabetes Foundation, 415 million people who are not diagnosed today are considered diabetic. In 1/3 of se cases, 145 million diabetic retinopathy is observed. So every 3 diabetes patients are affected by eye. Therefore, annual eye controls of diabetics are very important. Even if re are no complaints, re is a great benefit to be examined once a year by ophthalmologist. "

"Diagnose diabetes, protect eye" project

"Our association is one of most important organizations that know importance of diabetes for individual and country," Karacorlu said, refore a social responsibility project with Turkish Ophthalmology Association, Turkey Diabetes Foundation, Turkish Diabetes Society and Bayer Firm The project's purpose was summarized as follows:

"The Society is diabetic and in pursuit and treatment of this disease, to increase level of consciousness on diabetes retinopathis, to ensure that diabetics apply to eye physician at least once a year."

"Diagnose diabetes, protect eye" social responsibility project and detailed information about disease can be reached via address.


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