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Poland reopens the debate on the demand of war reparations to Germany

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Poland reopens the debate on the demand of war reparations to Germany

Warsaw has resigned in 1953 to request damages and interest in Berlin to devastation suffered during second world war.

This is a debate that we thought had ended, but which still haunts German-Polish relations : Poland should demand reparations to Germany for devastation suffered during second world war ? The controversy has been revived this summer by strong man of country and leader of ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who said at a conference in early July, that Germany had "a huge debt is not paid to Poland "that" remains relevant ".

reaction of The government, where some diplomats fear opening of a new front, particularly perilous, with first european partner of Poland, has been ambiguous. In a first step, vice-minister of foreign affairs, Marek Magierowski, has reported that government's position on issue – which has declined in 1953 to war reparations, a position reiterated in 2004 – " remains unchanged. "

But on 7 September, first minister Beata Szydlo has estimated that debate was still open : " position of The Polish government will be official when political decision will be taken. I think that Poland has right to [ repairs], and we are ready to undertake this process. "In majority, we argue that communist government had no popular legitimacy to rule, at time, and that such a waiver, vis-à-vis Germany, was forced by Moscow.

" Politically and legally, matter is closed "

The analysis Bureau of Sejm, lower House of Parliament, has made public, on 11th of September, an expertise commissioned on subject by a member of majority. "The statement that Poland has right to request damages and interest in and to Germany is justified, and allegations in relation to ir expired or prescribing m are without foundation, one can read in press release. "Despite massive losses suffered during war (...), Poland and its citizens have received compensation from Germany non-proportional, and significantly lower than compensation paid by Germany to or States. "

An expertise that echoes a resolution adopted unanimously by Polish Parliament, in 2004, in similar terms, and called on government to undertake " actions against German government ". The liberal opposition, which had voted on text at time, recalls that it was n to put pressure on Berlin so that it gives up to support German citizens who claimed ir property looted after war, during remodeling of frontier along Oder-Neisse line.

The ambassador of Germany in Poland, Rolf Nikel, said on 10 September that " politically and legally, question is closed, but morally, no." "Our position is that we are facing this responsibility, and re has been many occasion where we have paid for. "According to a study of opinion conducted by IPSOS, 63 % of Poles would be in favour of this that Germany pay war reparations.


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