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Proper nutrition is essential for the success of the school

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Proper nutrition is essential for the success of the school

ringing of school bell days are numbered. Successful students spend a training period to improve ir performance and physical and mental to create a healthy diet is essential. Dear parents... please listen to following nutritional advice for your child's school success.1) Make your child's Day start with breakfast. Breakfast research who have children, ir school performance, ir concentrations, perceptions, and shows that better attendance at school. For examples of a healthy breakfast, you can use following combinations.a traditional Turkish breakfast * Cheese-eggs - olive-honey-butter-milk-whole-grain bread* cheese sandwich/toast* omelet breakfast to start day, ideal for wonderful examples of your child's. However, most children it can be difficult to make an early breakfast.Or time can be limited, service is growing panic with a half-assed breakfasts. And at this exact point:* Milk+oats/cereal+fruit+walnuts+honey to prepare a mixture of practical like a bomb to allow m to start day with breakfast.Remember, breakfast has a very close relationship with success of school!!!!!2) eat lunch to follow. If you are preparing lunchbox, if you involve him in this preparation. Make colorful menu. Good use of season's colorful vegetable and fruit. This is thanks to antioxidant capacities of healthy foods, your children will prevent to be patient by strengning ir immune system. If your child eat food at school, check entire menu at beginning of week, advise him about food choices support. If necessary, meet with school administration, school your kids to make ir menus healthy endeavor. The noon dinner meal based on content of your balance and support your child's growth.3)your child's health, growth and school success plan menus with food at every meal to increase protein. Protein; eggs, red meat, chicken, fish, turkey meat, yogurt, milk and Cheese Group foods in your child's body resistance to fight disease and support a role in increase of school to ensure continuity of success will help you to add more.4)your child appropriate to ir needs during day, 3 main meals and 3 healthy meals Dec basic let it consume content with. Dec meal in m fresh/dry fruits, nuts, prepared at home Muffin made from whole wheat flour bread rolls, milk, yoghurt , healthy snacks such as yogurt, directly. Try to stay away from packaged products. Consuming packaged foods that are high in sugar and salt blood sugar fluctuations in children that adversely affected school performance and re is a lot of this situation and are known to be concentrations.* * * Note that children are future. Healthy and fit in today's kids, tomorrow's adults are healthy and FIT. Feed towards your future.I wish a healthy and successful school year.


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