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The festival Madrirumba brings together five generations of rumberos

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The festival Madrirumba brings together five generations of rumberos

Manuel Malou received award and Fan is presented Moncho Chavea with Original Elias, genuine "gypsy trap" that has revitalized new sound Caño Roto

fifth edition of The festival Madrirumba will be held from 23 to 30 of September in various halls of Madrid and had first ceremony at headquarters of SGAE, with a presentation that met at least five generations of rumberos. By age, most venerable is Gonzalo García Pelayo, distinguished producer of Bambino, or Mary Jimenez, who has returned to cinema. Noteworthy among its many activities in promoting and produce in seventies, andalusian rock. In your case, to get a success in music is not to play roulette "no, because I with roulette won money," he says with that thick irony of sourn.

Manuel Malou received award for Fan instituted by festival. Manuel combines tradition and avant-garde. On one hand is a prominent heir of Peret, which let us not forget who sponsored The Thugs, group that Manuel got her first success that What happens with you uncle that I have left behind franco regime to make way for transition. Malou was an active member of Plastic-a pop group that was also Eduardo Benavente prior to becoming one of figures of punk madrid. Manuel was also punki with group with Toreros After Olé.

During eighties and nineties he developed his career in Paris where he composes some of best rumbas of last few years (Live to sing), which have a moderate success. Then edit Mixa cooltura one of great albums of history of mergers in who collaborate with countless musicians of all styles and cultures. A mutation rumbera has not ceased. Their groups have gone through electronics and have returned to acoustic and fierce and has always maintained level. Manuel has produced groups of success and was on point of produce a Hanna, a pioneer of rap flamenco. Hanna is recovering his career, next stop Madrirumba day 30 with Manuel Malou and Moncho Chavea & Original Elijah (Hall be Born).

From Barcelona arrives Achilifunk Sound System invention of Txarly Brown to shake hips and will feature distinguished guests from Madrid. On one hand, The Pigtail irreverent rapper Moratalaz who claimed rumba by side over beast. And on or hand, Nacha La Macha who practices rumba from electronics. (29th day of September, Berlin Coffee).

Also from Barcelona comes Pantanito, leader vocal of neocalorrismo and author of The Inem course a rumba social. (The Minstrel, day 28). is The festival starts with Rumbas Brors, a pair of brors that will encourage manifest rumbero launch from terrace of The Bobia on 23rd of September. Enriquito (after day 27) brings a touch of rumba from jazz.

But without doubt star of call was to Moncho Chavea. Genius and figure of trap of Blessed Bread next to Original Elijah, idem Caño Roto. Heads visible of a generation destined to make a dance to half world. Chavea is great producer and arranger of a new generation ( "gypsy trap" or as y like to be called) that accumulate millions of views on ir videos but y barely had leaned head against media. Manuel Malou dedicated award to "fan" to se young artists who come pushing strong with a free mix of rumba, rap, reggaeton, and a lot of "autotune".


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