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The ship at the Marriott door, except only its customers, it triggers the campaign social

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The ship at the Marriott door, except only its customers, it triggers the campaign social

A hotel in centre of a storm, è appropriate to say. Indeed, in middle of two. A è was l'hurricane Irma, l' or campaign on social network, to sound of #boycottmarriott, to invite or users to not stay in 'hotel Saint Thomas, u.s. Virgin islands. Fridayì last year, 8 September, a ship, rented by hotel chain, has reached l'island to bring to puerto Rico about 600 guests of hotel prior to dell'arrival of José. On board, forò not è was made up of a group of 30 people, guests of or resorts. "We were told that we could not go on board to escape all'hurricane - has denounced Naomi Michial Ayala, who has posted on your profile Facebook video of ship that are farr away - y had 200 vacancies". In an update of post has specified that empty places in realityà, were 1300. From Ayala è match media campaign also picked up by Washington Post.       The ship was l'only way to leave l'island: l' airport was già in closed state, resources of water and food were almost finished, l'electricityà skipped and l' nightmare of José vivo. L'hurricane has not followed expected trajectory, and già covered by Irma, but has veered more to north, saving Saint Thomas. The story of people abandoned by vessel, Marriott has also affected son of president of most attrac United States Donald Trump. 

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— Trump Alert (@TrumpsAlert) September 12, 2017 Ayala has written have also contacted vertices of hotel chain. The leaders explained y have not wanted to take responsibilityà to transport customers not m. In a statement companyà did n know that you have not received permission from authoritiesà to carry or people.The filmmaker of hurricanes. Cody Howard is a filmmaker is a professional, paid to stay on 'island to capture l'arrival of storm. Having già experienced's similar experience with l'hurricane Harvey, Washington Post has explained that he and his companion knew how to handle a situation like this: "We are adults, we are used to". But y were only ones. On ground were elderly, families with children. "Have been difficult emotionally becauseé when ship is cleared you are popular, among adults and children, a sense of abandonment and end of hope".    


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