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What does the smell of mouth herald?

Studies show that 50 percent of adults suffer from the smell of the mouth of the 8217. The problem is that the smell of mouth is created in private and social life, but experts say that sometimes this situation is a precursor to serious health problems.

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What does the smell of mouth herald?

A specialist in internal medicine that indicates that smoking, inflammation and reflux can smell mouth . Prof. Dr. Alev explained reasons for smell of mouth:

evil of oral hygiene: Regular tooth brushing is recommended to control a dentist per year while not gently brushing tongue and complaining. Dental floss is required for effective cleaning after brushing of teeth.

Cigarette usage: Cigarettes and similar respiratory substances are caused by many diseases as well as mouth odor.

tooth decay or abscess: Infections that occur in mouth increase bacterial production and cause odor.

tonsil inflammation, sin usitis: The upper respiratory tract infections also produce bad odor by doing discharge in mouth. Any discomfort that causes sinusitis and nasal obstruction causes your breath to be taken orally.

Reflux: The food pipe of gastric fluid comes to mouth. It's cause of mouth odor and cough.

Prolonged hunger: Not eating and drinking water for a long time causes oral dryness and activity of microorganisms in mouth to increase.

"When morning wakes, smell of mouth is NORMAL"

Oral and Dental hygienist Dr. Samiye Çelik , smell of mouth and mouth health in morning by evaluating breath of mouth is normal said: "During night digestive canal accumulated gases, smell of morning mouth Reason. It is not indicative of any health problems. However, when we sleep before brushing our teeth, leftovers of mouth are used by bacteria. Because saliva flow decreases, this effect is worth more and causes odor.

Dental problems make smell of mouth

Oral hygiene is great in preventing oral odor. The food that remains between teeth, plaque on tooth, causes smell of mouth. In addition, tooth stones, gum disorders and bruises that occur in areas that are not well cleaned for a long time create serious mouth odor. These are problems that are encountered in weakness of personal oral hygiene. "

How should oral hygiene be ensured?

  • Brushing regular teeth at least 2 times a day should not be neglected.
  • The best solution for a plaque between teeth is to use a dental floss once a day.
  • Routine dentist checks should not be neglected.
  • Daily cleaning should be done if moving implants are used.

Old and incompatible porcelain kuron and bridges have to be changed because of ir record accumulation. Photos: Getyy images Turkey


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