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With cold lipolysis non-surgical inceli

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With cold lipolysis non-surgical inceli
With cold lipolysis non-surgical inceli DIDEM SEYMEN health news date of entry: 16.9.2017 was made a holiday, and city began to return to business life... Now it's time to prepare for winter worn skin type. The most suitable period to get rid of regional fat and excess weight also person body lived for many years in fall-related concerns in a radical way, thanks to cosmetic surgery applied correctly ends. Now, with cosmetic surgery, a type that has created wear to get rid of most appropriate term to rejuvenate and flourish. Liv hospital plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist Dr. Gursel Turgut, told application that will be done in spring ... cold lipolysis freeze fat cells-allowing m to die in a controlled and regional skin Cooling method. Target fat cells are broken down through cold region by taking fat layer. When you shrink fat cells shrinking due to cold is excreted from body by lymphatic system. Cold lipolysis results immediately after application are very light, and best results taken after two to four months. Upper and lower abdomen, hips, waist, side fats, will be obtained very successful results in thighs and legs.OILS are lost fat layer under skin during application without damage to skin is cooled with a perfect control. Applied cooling of fat cells, which causes it to enter into process of apoptosis. Apoptosis; cell function irreversible contraction of fat loss. The dead fat cells, body's natural inflammatory system with discharged from body and over time thinning to occur in a layer of fat allows a considerable amount.with liposuction get ridto get rid of your fat and also your excess weight even on both regional most suitable period for autumn-winter period. Patients who choose cosmetic surgery in Europe and America, regardless of surgery in which on average three to six month healing period, considering such operations usually prefer to get done in fall. Procedures such as liposuction, usually in late winter and spring in our country is done, but since it takes at least three months to show effect of this process, would be pretty hard for patients to be satisfied with results. So y came with great energy and expectation to spend summers more miserable. Therefore, awareness of such processes as leaves in fall time to heal and be made, as well as possible to be able to make small touches gives opportunity to surgeon. Also you need to use a corset for a time after liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. The use of a corset in heat may be impossible. Liposuction, tummy tuck, physical activity may be restricted for a period after procedure. Exercise and sports to stay away from winter months more tolerable.let your skin shine,that occur with age, Skin wrinkles, spots, matlasma are many methods used to treat problems such as skin color. Applied for Skin Rejuvenation, Botox and fillers, ulrapy-ultra lift can be done in every season. PRP, fibro plus, fibrogel, fibroblasts cell mesorapy treatments such as vitamins and Similar Products of nowadays it takes place rapidly. With age se methods repair damaged skin, makes it look more taut and shiny.goodbye to skin!skin blemishes can occur due to different causes. Laser sun spots, melasma, pregnancy spots, age spots can be treated. Stains darker in color that may occur in upper parts of skin, treatment is easier. The deep spots are lighter and treatment is more difficult. Fractional Laser procedures and chemical peel treatments stain treatments can be applied. However, se treatments can make skin more sensitive to sun. However, severe skin problems such as melasma spotting even with special creams that we use is solutionnon-surgical YOUTHnon-surgical face lift, skin structure begins to deteriorate from your 20s that age, collagen-elastin in connective tissue weakened as a result of changes decreasing basic elements such as sagging, wrinkles skin and subcutaneous tissues fixed ultrasonic method. Without healing process immediately after application must be returned to work and social life.IS a healing reactionwith this method, dangling retractable chin area, jowl, and neck lift can be corrected, muscles falling can be removed. Nov deeply towards surface layer, and subcutaneous layer in skin through sound waves and heat are generated in many spots tissue immediately being dangling with tiny temperature changes effect recovery, healing reaction due to heat that occurs as a result of production of collagen is triggered. Increases flexibility of skin resulting from increased collagen and also skin genclesmek. most simple maintenance methods: drink plenty of water. Use moisturizing cream. Use sunscreen during winter months. Clean your skin frequently. Eat a healthy diet. Probiotics, folic acid, vitamin C, B12, and coenzyme q supplements are missing from your daily life. Exercise regularly.MEN NOSE MAKES breast nose and breasts of Young women in patient group problems most common problems in men, nose. Nowadays in hands of a good surgeon for nose surgery if re is only mild swelling that goes with it. Doesn't have bruises, and plaster bumper is not used. In nasal surgery, patient is able to go home same day, on average, after third day, close to daily lives in a way that life can continue. Nose surgery operation is followed by most of a breast in young girls. Replacement with prossis enlargement enlargement process and current most acceptable method. With development of banking technologies, especially fat in body in patients who have enough fat in one session, degreasing process is carried out. Then with fat injections within a year, average phased-in two sizes breast augmentation procedure is carried out. In this way, without inserting any foreign objects into body while providing appearance of natural breast in breast doesn't leave any trace.AGE FAT INJECTIONyou may lose weight loss or hormonal changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue from face. As a result, skin wrinkled and sagging may occur. This wrinkled and sagging with fat injections can be treated partially. Developing new technology or tissues and oils; processed in accordance with principles kriyobiyoloji viability for periods of up to a year without losing anything from custom can be stored. He doesn't need more surgery and patients after surgery for a time. Frozen because stored fats in a special area when desired can be used. In this way, fat injections within days without need of anessia, can be performed in clinic with a 15-20 minute application.


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