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108 thousand lira was conned by the promise of marriage

25-year-old M.K., who works in a public institution in Gaziantep, has met on social media and has never seen a face face, the 23-year-old Özlem S.G....

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108 thousand lira was conned by the promise of marriage
108 thousand lira was conned by promise of marriage DHA Life News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 10:08 days Summons Date: 4.10.2017 10:20 25-year-old M.K. working in a public institution in Gaziantep, 23-year-old longing S.G. ' n met on social media and did not meet in person In his marriage, he announced that he had conned 108 thousand 200 lira, claiming that he had accused prosecution. He sold his car with his dream of marriage and 35 thousand pounds in vicinity of M.K., "Ozlem Adana in name of anor person named U.E. in 11 thousand lira," he said. Özlem S.G. met with social media in June this year, M.K., young girl, Hatay Kirikhan State Hospital 112 emergency medical technician who worked in service of emergency medicine, and after a while in his hometown Kahramanmaras He said he was going to get his assignment. The conversation started with correspondence of social media, noting that phone continued M.K., "our speeches finally took job seriously and said that re were dreams of marriage. He said he was looking for someone he could trust, not betray, not lie. And I kept talking because I didn't have any ulterior motives and I thought same thing. After a while I asked for a 2 thousand TL money asking me to receive phone craving. I sent money with EFT, "he said. Money paid Instead of buying a phone with money that young girl sent, M.K. said she wanted a new phone call, saying: "She asked me to make a phone call on her birthday. I took a phone call to $4,000 200 and sent it to him in van, but he said phone was on second hand and sold it. Then he asked me for money to get a phone call and sent him to Gaziantep to send money to a man called "our family friend". I've been conned from very beginning, but he has gained my confidence that he started seeing my family, and I started seeing people he said was his far and his bror. She said, "I see you as my wife," and she says she borrowed from a friend for house and car that he said he had taken from his far. I sent money to him through Solomon. I sent a total of 108 thousand 200 lira to phone, saying, "Let's Get married, my ring, my earring," he would take a phone, pay for a variety of excuses and pay for his loans, and 102 thousand pounds of cash, 2 thousand pounds of EFT and 4 thousand 200 lira. I sent money he wanted because I thought we'd get married. For him, I sold my 60 thousand lira to 52 thousand Liras. I borrowed from my friends and relatives to meet ir wishes. As my car goes, I now owe 35 thousand lira. " ' closed his phone with social media account ' When y met, Özlem S.G. ' s annual leave and he came to Kahramanmaras to his far, stating that his far did not allow marriages at first, M.K., "he said his far was beaten and extended his consent to report. He n made his far's appointment and said he would start a task at beginning of October at city hospital Necip Fazil. I wanted to meet him face-to-face, but ' my far is wrong. He says he can't get out of house, saying, "He's not sending me out, not even grocery." A week ago, I asked him for money, but he voted for me, and n I shut down his phone with his social media account, and he went to prosecutor's office and told me that he was being conned by S.G. his far, Hakan G. and his bror Gökhan G. "he said. ' Anor fraud ' M.K., Özlem Seda G., apart from fact that he has defrauded anor person working in a public institution in Adana, "I saw a person named U.E. on Facebook page of Özlem wrote. He texted me when I asked him why he wrote it, and he said it was wrong, because Özlem used a different surname to U.E.. On Monday, U.E. called me and asked for phone number of Özlem's bror. I told him he had no number, and I gave him my number, and he called me U.E. he was conned by promise of marriage and sent money with EFT. Özlem conned me and U.E. at same time. He said he will be going to prosecution and announce a crime. "


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