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11. Unity emphasis on Bediuzzan Symposium CONCLUSION Statement!

A faith service organized by the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation and guided by the Quran and circumcision, which lasted for 3 days; 11 on the Musket movement International...

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11. Unity emphasis on Bediuzzan Symposium CONCLUSION Statement!
11. Unity emphasis on Bediuzzan Symposium CONCLUSION Statement! AA Culture Art News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 22:42 date of renovation: 4.10.2017 23:02 A service of faith in Quran and circumcision guided by Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation, which lasted for 3 days; 11. On "Movement of Musket" The International Bediuzzan Symposium ended with announcement of conclusion.

At symposium, more than 100 papers were submitted by academics from various social sciences participating in 3 separate halls from 40 countries. The subjects were translated into Turkish, English and Arabic languages. Participants in symposium were dealt with in many aspects of issue of "movement of Musket".

Speaking at last session of symposium, President of Istanbul Institute of Science and Culture Foundation, Said Supreme, is in challenging process of Turkey and Islamic realm, where world needs peace, brorhood and security in a period of symposium Thanked participants, noting that he was appreciated.

The supreme later studied conclusion of symposium.

In declaration, Bediuzzan said that according to Nursi, enemy is "ignorance, zaruret, conflict" against se three opponents; Art, ingenuity, was transferred to jihad with Alliance weapon.

"The good management of conflicts is essential"

In Declaration of Islamic world to immediately perform unity of Muslims and to stop bloodshed, following are noted:

"To abandon conflicts and deliver all humanity to world and Hereafter, Tevhidi must be wrapped in messages and strive for joy of world. In order for name to occur, transaction must be based on musket. The differences between sects, sect, profession and Musspet communities must be transformed into harmonious harmony. As most important goal of life and humanity of unity of Muslims, Telakki Eden Said Nursi's views on this issue are horizon opener. These should be taken advantage of. Good management of conflicts is essential. Everyone can say, "My profession is right," but "right is my profession alone." Should be unifying without understanding of approach. First, it must be met in common denominator around tevhit faith. For common benefit of humanity and Ummah, personal, classsal benefits should be abandoned. "

The "movement of Mucet" is fixed with a negative, repulsive or destructive outcome, and in light of proofs of accuracy of mental reasoning and conscience, which is positive, positive and constructive, perceived and welcomed in conscience of general acceptance In declaration defined as "transactions", a method of movement in Muslim Sunnah tradition based on Quran and hadiths of movement, faith and repentance in belief plane, basis of divine acquisition of Ihlas and sustenance, Ihuvvet and itticase in inner life has been described as a targeted understanding.

"With patience and gratitude for every inconvenience"

In declaration, body, repair, invention of movement of Mucet, repair, not problem of solving problems, basis of "struggle with each or, y can not move.", including work of Order of Order of Order of Order of order, continued as follows Were:

"On move, everyone will consider repair and revue of ir profession. It's not someone else's destruction or cancellation, but maybe he's working for a unicorn and a breeding. But if MENFI is acting, Garagkarane, Adaletkarane is to work on each or's irritation; This is a curiosity. Act with conversation of your own profession. However, it is not to engage in or professions with hostility and shortcomings of ors. Said Nursi in all his life ' our task is to act in Müspet. MENFI is not a movement. ' He adopted principle as a service method. In spite of all sorts of provocation and degeneration, he advised movement of Musspet. According to Divine, his demands were to make service faith and not to interfere in divine. ' We are obliged to patiently, with gratitude to every inconvenience in Müspet faith service, which results in policing of peace. We will act as a part of all our strength, but to maintain order, "he said.

"Jihad in harem, anor jihad in interior"

Spiritual Jihad against spiritual destruction is to cultivate generations who love ir homeland, nation, and religious sciences, which are morally immoral with Islamic morality and knowledge of faith in Quran circumcision.

It is strongly response to external rape. In genius, it's not. The internal movement is to act with secret of spiritual, ihlas, in a manner that is moral destruction of musket. The jihad in harem is anor, including jihad. It is strongly response to external rape.

"It destroys essence of Ihlas-i"

In Declaration of Movement, as stated in works of Bediuzzan, following statements were recorded:

"In this model of behaviour, right to observe truth, to ask for consent of Allah, to act in his/her authority, to behave accordingly. In this behaviour, to respond to evil or to heal evil with goodness, to look at good side of everything; The fate behind things that don't look ugly or beautiful is sight of beautiful and good things. In this model of behaviour, you have to stay in sheriff's office and avoid Haram and get away from outcast and reach bliss/happiness. In model of movement of Müspet, divine purpose is to do service of faith, to not interfere with task-I hymn and to be in patience and praise for every inconvenience on this path. In this motion model you have to observe exact violation. Because Ihlas-Tamme destroys enanism. "

In declaration, this project was described as "a moral project that is to live in safety by moving away from hostility", not just a local, leprosy project, but as a method of living toger with confiscation movement.

"Prescribed Quran and Sunnah"

In declaration, where people have same disease in present and ancient ages, following were transferred:

"The recipe for this is Quran and Sunnah. The movement of MUCET has been fed from se two sources and revealed düsturs. The point of view of orisation is to not curse, forgive and treat with compassion. The meaning of movement is to talk to your own profession and not interfere with affairs of ors. The move is to work on material and spiritual order and public security of a society. The way to this is to master Quran. And to make a single qibla and to be gentle with heart, mind and spirit of man and or people. The menfi movement, i.e. use of force for breeding of society, causes sins of sinner to be tormented and leads to emergence and chaos of society. There are two aspects of Musbet movement; Faith and deeds. "


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