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3,000 corrections to Miguel Hernández

A new edition of the ' Complete works ' of the poet, published after more than eight years of work of the Professor Jesus Christ Riquelme, revises his production and includes 30 unpublished

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3,000 corrections to Miguel Hernández

Josefina Manresa, his widow, told Miguel Hernández that he liked to imitate song of Nightingales and just after releasing a green joke. "The first thing, to her, she loved;" "Second, not so much," recalls Lucia Izquierdo, poet's daughter-in-law and in charge of his legacy. Yesterday he accompanied Professor Jesus Riquelme in presentation of a new edition of Complete works of author (1910-1942), which has published Edaf and that represents a definitive compilation, corrected in depth and expanded of what left in life. The compendium contains about 3,000 modifications in its writings, 30 unpublished pieces of different genres and 50 texts, "notoriously altered on previously known", says Riquelme.

Over eight years it has taken this professor of language and literature at Miguel Hernández University of Elche to do work toger with editor Carlos R. Talamás. He has examined legacy of poet, tracing several files where his imprint is, analyzed manuscripts, correspondence, testimonies ...

What is studied is in this volume of almost 2,000 pages, where intensely washed poetry shines, along with war Chronicles, press articles, dramatic pieces, tales, images and traces of a happy, desolate, combative, starving biography. "It is writer with most popular impact has turned poetic word into ethics," says responsible for this exhaustive literary work.

Ambition and PasiónAleixandre, bror and mentor

"Are you going to let me die without knowing my bror's grandchildren?" said Vicente Aleixandre to Josefina Manresa when at end of life of both, poet begged him to let him know descendants of poet. It was a friendship that marked lives of both. He made it known and he took care of spreading his work after his death. But not only that, he regularly sent money to his widow or was charged with collecting among or writers and known sums to help m survive. There was a memory this Tuesday in presentation of complete works for generosity and work of Nobel. "Josefina was already very ill when she asked her to meet her grandchildren, so I had to come to Madrid with my children for m," recalls Lucia Izquierdo. Three months later he died. "Vicente was fundamental to Miguel, without him, his diffusion would not have been same."

From Gongorina tradition to vanguard of Perito en Lunas, Miguel Hernández's brilliant journey to marrow of literature lasted a decade. His vitality, his ambition, passion he put, led him to highest in rales of 27th generation and as a visible head of his successors in 36. He was encouraged and sponsored mainly by Vicente Aleixandre and received reservations by Lorca. It remozó in mud of trenches, he pulled militia, never renounced his peasant origins, hours of lethargy between herds as a shepherd, and died sighing for children, in his cross of prisons, with just an inventory in which his jailers counted These belongings: A monkey, two t-shirts, a sweater, a shirt, a underwear, two pillowcases, a leash, a towel, a napkin, two handkerchiefs, a pair of socks, a blanket, a casserole and a boat.

That's all he owned in his prison cell in Alicante when he died on March 28th, 1942, 75 years ago. More valuable were his pages, tangled between constant studs of his pen and that Riquelme has carefully rebuilt. Poems that offer portrait of a well-rounded man and given to maelstrom of a passionate and combative life. His figure dazzled Neruda. "Few poets as generous and luminous as big of Orihuela," said author of residence on Earth. "The harsh beauty of his entrenched heart" captivated Juan Ramón Jiménez.

But it was Aleixandre who cared for him, guided and took care to make him great after his death, helping to survive his widow in crude years of post-war period. Josefina Manresa was a constant muse for poet, both in his Remilgo chaste and in his grief as a grieving mor. But we must not forget passion that lived, after a rupture, with surrealist painter Maruja Mallo, referring to 27. "Toger with her he discovered a carnal love, an almost orgiastic experience, which marked him tremendously," says Riquelme.

In front of "You die of caste and simple" for Josefina, prey of beguinage prevailing in Orihuela of Twenties and thirties, is sexual substance of ray that does not cease, dedicated to Mallo. "A carnal and joyful relationship that gives rise to that sorrow for loss of sexuality in what is a new interpretation of this work in this new edition," says specialist.

The same thing that new transcriptions of poems bring. "In many of m, change of some word completely transplays its meaning." We have verified errors involving revisions of draught: trunk by throne or venous by poisonous, he adds. Riquelme has arranged time and access, but some aspects are missing, like epistolary: "It's still early." We constantly receive unpublished letters from different files. While we have done this work, we will have reached about 100 new letters. "The epistolary is underway, but it must be taken care of."

It remains for now this new compendium that leaves behind or two editions of complete works previously published by Losada in Argentina (1960) and Espasa Calpe (1992). This new volume also includes a varied image file with photographs, documents and originals. "They are key to following book, as important as many of texts," Riquelme tops.


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