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3 thousand years of the 'dolls' are exhibited at the museum

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3 thousand years of the 'dolls' are exhibited at the museum

a rare formed by a collector in Gaziantep and Gaziantep Medusa glass from each or about 6 thousand 3 thousand artifacts in museum where archaeological work is exhibited year dolls, attracts attention of visitors.

museum director Halil Ibrahim Perception, 2008 3 House of Antep, created by combining archaeological artifacts of museum to exhibit first and only private museum in Turkey, he said.

Gaziantep museum that displays artifacts collected from all over Turkey by a collector about 6 thousand in Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Hittite civilizations, such as terracotta, gold, silver and bronze artifacts, as well as describing perception of glass works, one of rarest pieces of valuable historical artifacts in museum, which was opened which is one of few works toy dolls in world, he said.


Perception of this work from Hellenistic period, and about 3 thousand years old, stated that "this baby is one of works that attracts most of attention of visitors. One in Turkey and one of few in world, since visitors are showing interest. Baby puppet toy atre performances in Greek era as used in this work is believed to have been. The joints and head plays. Because we are a private museum collectors, we take from people who put this toger and registered in ir own name. It is registered, because this way we are able to offer museum experience. This baby, joints can be moved in a hollow terracotta 3 thousand years ago that are made in such a way that amazes our visitors. In retrospect it is thought to be weighing 3-4 kilograms, but 600-700 grams a baby. All records, including state museums and private museums in Turkey when we look at this puppet is only one baby."


thousand-year-old toy 4 cars

re were a series of toy cars in museum, explaining that perception of 22 in records of se cars, which are about 4 thousand years old in Turkey, 12% were displayed in ir own museums signaled.

Perception of se works belonging to Hittite period material and spiritual values are very high, which is expressed as, "for Son of Hittite King at that time built se toy cars. Made of terracotta, has four wheels. The wheels to body using bone or wood y were wearing. Can move. Visitors, especially children attracts attention. Amazed that y are amazed because he had a toy car in 4 thousand years ago. They like children very much. We have different models of each car," he said.


in Hellenistic period used in atrical performances, joints and head can be moved so that year 3 thousand dolls made of baked clay, surprised those who saw m

perception of curator: "all records, including state museums and private museums in Turkey when we look at this re is only one puppet, baby," he said.

influx of visitors to falls of LIFE Tortum


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