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365 thousand dollars worth of McLaren, a giant carrot.

The 365 thousand-dollar orange McLaren is a giant carrot, and the donkey's got it all together. The donkey who had to bite McLaren was spotted by the owner at the last moment, but it damaged 30,000 pounds.

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365 thousand dollars worth of McLaren, a giant carrot.

A donkey in Germany thought Orange McLaren he saw was a giant carrot.

The donkey Vitus has begun to bite bumper of 365 thousand 000-dollar ground plane. The vehicle owner, who noticed late incident, failed to avoid 30,000 pounds of damage in his vehicle.

Insurance did not cover all

The owner's defense says that crime is not entirely welded from donkey, and that he must park vehicle in a different place.

According to Webtekno, damage caused by Vitus, which completely damaged luxury vehicle's carbon fibre parts, has not been completely met by insurance company. The remaining damages of 5,000 260 pounds were paid by owner of Vitus.



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