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4 tips to spend the autumn healthy

The long and sunny days of summer can adversely affect the health of the air to cool down rapidly. Experts notice the prevalence of seasonal depression, which starts with autumn and reaches the highest rates by the end of winter.

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4 tips to spend the autumn healthy
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Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital Health Center Director Exp, reminding that sun's negative could cause depression. Dr. Özgür Shamilil, autumnI had to do to spend healthy, and said following:

"The lack of sunlight due to rainy and cloudy wear conditions is most important role in reduction of effects of producer of happiness hormone and vitamin D in brain. It is recommended to position environment where we are working to receive a large amount of daylight if possible. Therefore, it is known that light treatment rooms that mimic sunlight are used in hospitals to treat depression in norrn European countries that have seen less sun.

Sunglasses reduce effect

Anor solution is to go to work and walk in daylight before a stop. This makes sunlight easier to reach brain from our pupil when wearing glasses. Also, being busy with optimistic and hobbies, socialising also reduces risk of depression. "

Vitamin D fights with influenza 

With help of sun, vitamin D produced in our skin, immune system in close to 20 antibiotic-like weapons production, said expert continued: "Those who do not see enough sun or holiday, especially in summer, air cools Flu-like diseases that occur with viruses are much easier to catch and heal hard. They need to apply to ir physicians to measure vitamin D levels in blood and take reinforcements. "

Exercise outdoors in cool wear, get rid of losing weight! 

The regular exercise is known to be a preventive benefit for many diseases, especially microbial diseases. immune system; After exercise, first 2 hours become very active and this situation continues for up to 24 hours, increasing resistance to microbial diseases and cancer.

Dr. Shamilil, who has suggested that y will not be able to devote time to exercise, continued: "It can be useful to go shopping on foot, to use stairs instead of elevators. The activity to be held several times in a 10-minute day shows a similar effect. Moreover, it is known that exercise in cool wear is increasing resistance to cold as it provides more calories burning. According to a study from Japan, two-hour walk in jungle allows immune cells to increase quickly and strengn. In spring, common cold viruses are not as severe as flu viruses.

Exercise is caught more rarely in Gribe

Regular exercise is 50 per cent less frequent in flu. If he's not feeling tired when he's caught, he's recovering 30% quicker than continuing exercise. To adapt to seasonal heat difference, you need to take a 30-40 minute walk out at least 3 days a week. Exercise also reduces risk of seasonal depression by providing production of a substance of happiness hormone and pain relief in body.

Exp. Dr. Özgür Shamilil

Nutrition is also very important!

According to Dr. Shamilil, those who do not exercise to adapt to cold wear of outside environment are gaining weight by eating more sugary nutrients unconscious and increasing fat tissues of skin. Lack of movement accelerates weight gain.

Probiotics do not be lacking in your table

It is recommended that natural yogurt, garlic, onion, vinegar, homemade pickle, boza, kefir, turnips, abundant fresh dark green, dark red, purple vegetables and citrus consumption containing vitamin C, which are beneficial to probiotic to not be easy to get sick. Rosehip, peppermint-lemon, ginger, cinnamon, natural honey consumption strengns immune system. Sugar-baked foods, sweetened soft drinks should not be consumed because immune system is difficult to fight against viruses.

Begin healthier days with vitamin C

In addition to high proportion of vitamins containing vitamin C, chicken broth soup, tarhana, fish, red meat, offal, yogurt i.e. protein-weighted feed accelerates healing when it is caught in microbial diseases.

The head of everything is a healthy sleep

The immune system needs an average of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It is necessary to try to sleep at same time not to sleep late at 11:00 a.m. to conform to our biological time-dependent hormones. Dr. Shamilzil, who is awake between 11:00 and 01:00 p.m., said that toxins secreted from gallbladder can be absorbed back into liver, and that intake of fluid is dropped 2 hours before bed and urine is immediately before sleep He says he's blocking his division.


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