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4 women in Taksim caught five snatkci accidents

In Taksim, a foreign national woman, after the chase with the police after the accident was caught in the result of the four female 5 people were notorious criminal....

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4 women in Taksim caught five snatkci accidents
4 women in Taksim caught by 5 snatkci accidents DHA Life News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 11:13 Date of renovation: 4.10.2017 11:18 in Taksim, a woman with a foreign national, after chase with police after accident was caught in result of 4 women 5 people The notorious criminal. The suspects were surrounded by people walking alone on road, pretending to be sprained, while ors stole wallets of victims, taking advantage of resulting confusion. A number of similar crimes were released to police, with a judicial control in court where suspects were removed from security cameras. They were caught hitting wall when police escaped . Police teams, who reported that a foreign woman's money was stolen at entrance to Gezi Park, were shortly followed by vehicle found in suspects that y had determined ir description. On a street y entered during chase, suspects were subsequently detained by police teams before hitting wall. methods are exposed The alleged suspects made by Düddane Ç., which was brought to Directorate of Public Security Branch, were revealed in method of ft. In groups of 4 people, suspects identified in eyes of victims were wrapped around m, while one of m was bent in front of victim by pretending to be sprained, meanwhile, or's confusion He took advantage of stealing wallets. They've been captured 80 times before It's a nudge from suspects questioned by Bureau of Pickpocketing and fraud. (56) has already been identified 27 times, Tuğba S. (27) In 27 times, Sevilay K. (54) 's 20 times taken into custody 16 times similar crimes. Umit A. (22), who uses suspects ' vehicle, was identified as A deserter. security camera images appeared In his review, police have reached footage of some of events taken by security cameras of suspects using ir own methods. It was determined that suspects were wearing headscarves and sheets during events, giving m a family appearance and not suspecting ir victims. released with forensic control The police were released by Court of Justice, where suspects were sent, in waterfall of prosecution, after statements in Prosecutor's office were removed by "judicial control" condition.


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