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A boycott to force the closure of an exhibition of LGBT in Brazil

After the avalanche of protests in the networks and the prosecution of pedófila the mayor of Porto Alegre, Santander Cultural terminating the shows on sexual diversity

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A boycott to force the closure of an exhibition of LGBT in Brazil

After avalanche of protests in networks and prosecution of pedófila mayor of Porto Alegre, Santander Cultural terminating shows on sexual diversity

An exhibition focusing on history of queer culture, and brazilian that had been opened for a month in State of Porto Alegre has been closed suddenly its doors, before astonished eyes of many of your visitors: a movement that had picked up strength on social media argued that some works promoted blasphemy and made apology of bestiality and pedophilia. The closure, however, has encouraged a new movement that is labeled as a coward and censor act of fall to pressure, more conservative.

The messages and videos are most shared by critics and religious movements showed picture of a jesus Christ with several arms ( work through jesus Christ with Goddess Shiva, of Fernando Baril) and pictures of children with inscriptions Girl sissy transvestite of lambada and Child marica-goddess of waters, artist Bia Leite. Two works of 270, signed by 85 artists, which made up sample Queermuseo. The complaints were led primarily by Motion Brazil Free (MBL), a conservative group born in 2014, which has been garing force with rotation of brazilian society to right. Coordinated networks, y came to organize a compló against Bank Santander, owner of cultural space that housed exhibition. The mayor of Porto Alegre, Nelson Marchezan Jr. also spoke out against shows, saying that it contained "images of bestiality and pedophilia".

In a first moment, seeing strong impact, Santander issued a press release blending some images of specimen can lead to a sense contrary to that reflect. Neverless, y had been created "just for us to reflect on challenges that we must face in relation to issues of gender, diversity, and violence, among or things." Two days after, announced closure.

In a new statement, Santander Cultural apologised to those who felt offended by any work that formed part of sample. "We have heard complaints and we understand that some works of exhibition Queermuseo disrespect to symbols, beliefs and people, which is not in line with our vision of world. When art is not able to generate inclusion and positive reflection, it loses its main purpose, which is to elevate human condition". As well things, bank decided to close show that was supposed to be open until 8th of October.

'Crossing' Jesus Christ Usa Schiva', of Fernando Baril. Reprodução

The announcement has shocked country. The curator of exhibition, Gaudêncio Fidelis, ensures that news he was caught by surprise. "I've done two biennial of Mercosur, and had never seen anything like this. The complaints have been very well organized and have focused on some works are very specific, which do not reflect true extent of exposure. These groups [of critics] have shown quickly to manipulate content, which is not offensive", has stated to brazilian newspaper O Globo.

Antonio Grassi, president of National Foundation of Arts and current executive director of Museum Inhotim, it seems regrettable that interrupt an exposure in this way. "Art is best site to discuss. I see troubling this type of movement that drives that kind of intransigence with debate. These ideas of intolerance are incompatible with art. It is a censorship," he explains to THE COUNTRY.

The art critic Moacir Dos Anjos, as he was curator of Biennial of São Paulo, also criticized decision. "Heading to past. What statement most shameful of Santander, wanting to justify, using a hypocritical rhetoric corporate, act of censorship that he committed. Long live diversity!", he wrote in his Facebook.

In social networks, Kim Kataguiri, one of leaders of MBL, went out to passage of criticism and said that was brazilian society which is mobilized to repudiate exhibition, and that bank, with fear of losing customers, canceled shows. "It's a boycott that has gone well, not a censorship," he wrote. Kataguiri also published a photo of work Scene of Interior II, of artist Adriana Varejão, a claim that has been invested 800.000 reais from public funds in an exhibition for children to see pedophilia and bestiality.

The artist said to THE COUNTRY that work in question is an adult, made for adults. "The box is a collection of sexual practices exist, some of m historic (such as shungas, classic erotic images of popular art japanese) and or based on narratives, literary or collected on travels in Brazil. The work is not intended to judge se practices," he explained. Adriana, who has pieces in collections of Tate Modern of London, in Museum Guggenheim of New York and La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona, added that, as an artist, simply seeks to shed light on things that often are hidden.

this is Not first time that a work provokes a flurry of claims and is censored. In 2006, Banco do Brasil pulled out of Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB) in Rio de Janeiro, work by Drawing in Thirds, visual artist Mácia X, in which appeared photo of two thirds who drew two penises and y were also a cross.


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