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A gift from the Middle Ages to the present day: Siena

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A gift from the Middle Ages to the present day: Siena
A gift from Middle Ages to present day: Siena Tourism News Fatih yılmaz date of entry: 17.9.2017 in middle of greenery of Tuscan valley, surrounded by medieval walls, Siena is a city of small but impressive. Especially famous ‘palio races, and oyster-shaped Piazza del Campo, city adds a separate glory. The narrow streets around Piazza del Campo of Siena Tuscany region outlines almost like a fan of yellow, red and every color of green is reached by passing through vegetation that hosts Siena. If you go to Florence and Pisa is a city that should not return without being seen. Taken to protect cultural heritage within scope of UNESCO's sur in region, and visitors with medieval stone buildings still owned 21. century, giving air of that period. It was founded on a hill, and walled city was founded around Piazza del Campo in form of Oyster shell planned. Siena is quite small, so that 1.5 hours was able to walk across city. In Siena Piazza del Campo should be seen first. Located in heart of Siena, this challenge was built in 1347. Similar to shape of Oyster shells, in fact, responsible for management of medieval city, symbolizing Council of nine. The famous Palio of Siena races are being made in this square. The most important building in square, Palazzo Pubblico, you will be allowed to see m. Completed in 1342, Gothic City Hall, 102 meter high bell tower (Torre del Mangia), Italy's second highest medieval tower. Fonte Gaia fountain surrounded by statues also adorn square is named. Various mythological stories and sculptures around fountain in Christian narrative is referring to. The Campo Square from back streets, passages and stairs with leads. The dazzling magnificence of square, ice cream shops, cafes, restaurants and gift shops added to mobility. city monitoring POINTEvery Italian city, like Cadral of Siena is also worth a visit. A three minute walk from square is cadral, which was completed in 1264. On each floor of bell tower one less than number of window on lower floor. Located at entrance of Cadral exterior, a symbol of sun and most remarkable detail. St. Bernardino of competition to put an end to war and sienali sienali he wanted to unite under this symbol. There's also anor exhibition in front of cadral church and museum. When you give your back to door of Cadral will be on your left on side of museum which you can watch city go to top of building. Wolf nursing twins Romulus and Remus, legendary founders of Roman Empire, name of Siena. This female wolf takes name of city. Romus and Romulus in many parts of city so it is possible to see statue of lactating female wolf. Wines produced in vineyards in Italy and abroad and a sizable part of production facilities in this region are being made. Those who go to attend private wine tastings in cellar Siena and region's world-renowned Chianti is a prestigious wine. Already in Siena many wine shops (enoteca) you can find. The Tuscan region is famous pici pasta, be sure to try too. If summer months to Siena, Palio booking several months in advance especially if you want to go is useful to make time. tradition of Palio, especially in summer heat and grab an ice cream from ice cream shop around square is very pleasant to sit in. Also if you are staying night in Siena, spend time in your schedule to add moonlit square. Called Palio horse racing takes three minutes just city's most important activity, but preparations continue for a year. In Siena re are four distinct neighborhoods: Eagles, dolphins, turtles, and snails. It's as if a snail if a snail as sienali. Sienali my Palio every year in preparing for success of ir neighborhood. A champion in end if this year holds in neighborhood of dignity. Each neighborhood has its own Palio time statues, flags adorn entire city and in every place is presented. The Piazza del Campo, who wants to watch race on day Italians, is flooded with. Palio Square in middle of a tourist can be quite difficult finding a place to watch race.


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