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A menu to celebrate Eurovision

Several options for you to succeed at dinner tonight to the son of your Song

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A menu to celebrate Eurovision


In this type of meetings a good amount of starters can be all food, so be attentive to this section. If in your kitchen law of minimum effort prevails and your friends are people with discretion, you can prepare a good cheese table as main dish. You will only have to select cheeses in question and accompany m with nuts, oreillons, raisins or hazelnuts, different breads and some compote or jam and success is assured by very trolley that you are.

If you are willing to devote a few minutes to pittance, but your culinary skills fail more than voice of Manuel Navarro, you can opt for untable snacks. Hummus in any of its versions-traditional and canonical, tuned with beets or carrots, or white beans and mushrooms-is a good option, nice and cheap, just like guacamole (whose only difficulty is to find avocados at ir optimum maturation point , which is not little). The acid Apple Tzaziki and yogurt with cherry tomatoes confit and pine nuts require a little more foresight, but will surprise more than victory of Finns Ironworkers Lordi in 2006 edition.

Direct from your nightmares on stage.

Direct from your nightmares to stage

If your euroacompañantes are not conformed to anything and you have assumed that you will touch currártelo a little more, oven can be one of your best allies. With a good puffy base-if you prepare it you make sure that it does not carry unknown fats, and it's not as complicated as it looks like-you can make different salty cakes, like cherry tomatoes with mascarpone, a sautéed spinach with goat cheese, raisins and pine nuts Or one of dried figs-previously soaked in lukewarm water for a couple of hours and n dried with a kitchen paper-to which, outside oven, we will put arugula and serrano ham. If you prepare m once, y will be more expected than return of Abba (which you can also pay homage to with this recipe of Swedish meatballs without having to travel all aisles of Ikea).

The tortilla is anor perfect invention for this type of event: You can prepare it in advance, admits infinite variations and everyone likes. You can perfect classic potato-with or without onion, today we will not enter into this controversy-or innovate with sweet potato and cod, bread and chistorra or ratatouille, which will start more applause than Salvador Sobral singing Amar dois hairs.

Chistorra, Tortilla and eurotemazos, what can be wrong?

Chistorra, Tortilla and eurotemazos, what can be wrong?

It is possible that you have guests of those who believe that without meat have not eaten and you have to offer a good chunk of animal protein (to not have to hear more to m complaining that to Amaya and Alfred). A round of stuffed veal, a classic roast beef, with achiote and orange juice or cured with mustard and rosemary is always a good way to feed many mouths with very little effort. If food is going to be informal, you can always turn it into a champion sandwiches: you'll only need a little mustard, gherkins and caramelized onions ( sophisticated version could also bring homemade pickles and cheese).

The sandwich.

The Sweet

All attendees of a eurosarao appreciate that y take something sweet to finish meal, y ensure results of a study based on my personal experience. If you are one of us and you are not endowed with gene that enables you for fine pastry, perhaps se simple but very resultonas proposals will help you. We start with truffles that carry olive oil instead of butter or cream: store in fridge until time to serve if you do not want to become a puddle. The tiramisu also has advantage of being able to prepare in advance, so you can tunearte level Conchita Wurst and reemerge as Phoenix when guests arrive.

Divine death.

If you want to succeed with only two ingredients-and a few fruits like pineapple, mango, strawberries or raspberries to wet-you can make a chocolate sauce, which can also be served on crepes. If you are going to turn on oven to prepare something salty, you can use it to prepare this delicious classic Apple tatin, and serve it with some whipped cream or iced. You can pay homage to that year in which we sing ' Who manages my boat? ' of Remedios Amaya with this delicious and Eighties banana split.

It also takes you adrift

The Bebercio

Although who has told us by active and passive that drinking alcohol is not exactly good, re are celebrations inviting toast and achispamiento, and Eurovision is one of m. If you want to pay homage to times when Massiel and Salome took first prize, you can always dust bottle of Punch Knight or prepare a milk of Panr or Lumumba (although we are not responsible for possible effects Secondary mixture).

He lives singing.

To become a bartender expert-without having to buy ingredients that you will probably not use again-you can opt for Mediterranean version of Bloody Mary (if you prefer gin, choose version inspired by Simi Islands). There are also options when you want cocktails but you don't have a cocktail shaker: classic Mojito or tuned beer-Hello, Michelada-are good examples of that.

It's Mexican, but perfect for Eurovision.

It is also possible that you have spent all your energy preparing food, and at this point you just want to remove a cork stopper or open a sheet. We can also help you in this: we have a good list of natural wines that you should try, several of less than ten euros and beer for all tastes. Although everyone knows that true devotees of Festival-yes, with capital letters-are kept sober so as not to miss detail. Our homage to se heroes comes in form of juices and natural sodas without sugar, homemade horchata and lemonade; Yours could be to bring us breakfast to overcome hangover (Eurovisiva, of course).

Three finger-eating recipes

Banderillas with vermouth gelatin

Ingredients for 4 people: 150 ml of vermouth, gelatin or agar-agar, 8 fat olives, 8 anchovy fillets, 8 piparra or chilli peppers in vinegar (some of ingredients can be substituted for anchovies, onions, gherkins, capers or any Pickled, or add cooked quail eggs, re are many possible variants.

Preparation: Heat vermouth to temperature recommended by manufacturer of Gelatinizador agent, add recommended amount and mix until dissolved (if you are going to eat smaller or abstainers, boil vermouth a minute before alcohol evaporates). Pour into a square mold – a táper, for example – and let it curd. Cut small stickss that fit into olives and fill m with m. Anor option, which asks for a little more skill, is to fill olives directly when gelatine has taken only a little body-if it is completely liquid, it will escape through hole-, using a egg of quail eggs to keep m straight. Assemble Banderillas wrapping Piparra with anchovy and pinchándolas in a toothpick, next to stuffed olive.

cream cheese with caramelized onion and crudités

Ingredients for 4 people: 1 tub of creamy cheese spread, 125 ml of creamy natural yogurt, grated lemon zest, ½ teaspoon red paprika, ¼ teaspoon ground coriander seeds, ½ teaspoon sumac, ½ teaspoon pepper (or spices you prefer), 2 onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt, water. Crudités (carrot, radishes, celery, cucumber, pepper, broccoli, corn minimazorcas) and toast to serve.

Preparation: Peel and chop finely onions, put m in a frying pan with 4 tablespoons of oil over medium heat, stir and lower fire. Cook covered and a very soft fire – keeping an eye on burn – stirring occasionally until onion is brownish. It is time to put two tablespoons of water and stir for a few minutes. When it is light brown and with a syrupy texture, add a pellizo of salt, remove from fire and reserve. Mix cheese, yogurt, lemon zest and spices until you get a cream. Serve in a cup with onion in base, cream on top and crudités and vegetables as accompaniment.

Orange Truffles

Ingredients for 4 people: 200 g of chocolate with 70% cocoa, 150 g of chocolate of cover (optional), 1 egg yolk, 2 oranges, 50 ml of cream, 50 g of butter, cocoa powder (without sugar).

Preparation: Cut chocolate with 70% cocoa – not cover – into small pieces, chop it or grate it. In a ollita at minimum heat or in microwave, heat cream and butter almost until y boil, mixing m well. Add chocolate and integrate it with a spoon or rods. At this moment add egg yolk, zest of skin of oranges and two tablespoons of its juice and mix well until integrating all ingredients. Let truffle cool down until it is manageable and make 16 or 20 pellets with it. They can be battered in cocoa at moment, or make m a cover of crisp chocolate, by freezing m and bañándolas in cover of chocolate melted in bain-marie or with microwave, with help of a toothpick and leaving to cool on a paper of oven or waxed and Rebozándolas n also in cocoa powder.


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