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A New world for Smiley

John le Carré 's agent returns to the heart of the Cold War

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A New world for Smiley

Georges Smiley, British secret agent created by John le Carré and protagonist of his most famous novels like The Mole or honorable schoolboy, returns. Planet brings to bookstores today legacy of spies. We had No news from Secret Pilgrim, a book of stories published in 1990, year of German reunification, a few months after fall of Berlin Wall and conclusion of Cold war in which he had stood out, with his ill-fitting suits and his Aspe CTO of Toad, as one of Chief Warriors. He had been invited to give a lecture at Training and training center of agents that Secret Service owns in Sarratt, about 50 miles north of London, and to surprise of his innermost, who had never heard him speak in public, accustomed to Their retracted character and ir insecurity in social treatment, Smiley not only accepted but that, shead in a tuxedo that had not worn in years, spoke for hours to warn those young people destined "to pick up torch", among which stood out, for first time In history of agency, three women, of responsibility that implies work as Agent: "The end can justify means; Of course, I guess you wouldn't be here. But you have to pay a price, and price turns out to be oneself. At his age, it's easy to sell soul. Then it's harder. "

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  • John Le Carré recovers his spy George Smiley in his new novel
  • John le Carré reveals his secrets

At that time, Smiley's only position was president in a dark fishing rights Committee, a cover-up that concealed an unofficial task force composed of agents from central Moscow and Circus in London, and whose purpose was to facilitate cooperation Between two services in post-Cold War world. Interestingly, it was not English but Russians who had insisted that Smiley accept that position, desiring to meet man who had defeated m, organizing desertion of Karla, greatest Soviet agent of Cold War. To do so, Smiley had to survive a triple traició from which he emerged, against all odds, strengned and directing British Secret Service. It was precisely in operation that he destroyed Karla where Smiley began to carve out foundations of his legend in world of espionage.

Enlarge photo John Le Carre, last October 15th in Hamburg. DANIEL BOCKWOLDT AFP/Getty Images

It was already fully retired, installed in a cottage without telephone near Hartland Quay, in north of breakwaters of Cornwall, (one of favorite places not only of Smiley but of John Le Carré), where to take long walks before raging Corrientes Who wave Bristol channel, dedicated to raising bees, or studying minor poets in University of Exeter or perhaps in same Oxford, where it was formed and recruited for British intelligence in late 1930s, by its own tutor , Jebedee, in an office of college where he had specialized in modern languages. And yet something made us guess that Smiley could not be totally deactivated. In spite of his melancholy of lover jilted, of his fondness for solitude and of aversion that provokes him snobism of high mandarins of administration, for this uprooted offspring and Desclasado of a family without luster of south of England re is no or place and n world that that quarter of brooms of Whitehall which is Secret Service. Inevitably Smiley was to return to his channel.

And so it confirms now Viking House, editorial of John Le Carré. In his next novel A Legacy of Spies, whose publication in Spain is planned this month, Smiley returns in a new adventure where he will have to cope with his past and scrutiny to which he will submit "a new generation of agents without memory of cold War and without pacient For ir justifications. " And who are se agents? Possibly same ones that attended last public appearance of Smiley in library of Sarratt, decorated with yellowish portraits of disappeared agents; The same to those who warned that y would not come out unbowed manipulating ir fellows and trampling ir feelings; The same ones it recommended to reduce size of state built to defeat an enemy that no longer existed and that now threatened liberties of its citizens.

A good Man

How Smiley will see this world where Chinese Communists have become champions of free trade and New York billionaires, of protectionism; Where successors of Jefferson or LINCOLN permit systematic violation of privacy of ir citizens or openly support torture; Where former KGB agents have stripped mask of ideology, y have changed ir offices of Lubyanka or Yasenovoed by halls of Kremlin and are ruthlessly struggling for power to clean-fire in moors of Syria and steppes of Ukraine or by blow of CO Mission in City's investment centers. As we contemplate this panorama, we realize how much we have missed Smiley se years, with his basic sense of decency, his noble patriotism, his seamless loyalty, and his status as a man, in good sense of word, good. At this very moment, it is more valuable and pertinent than ever.


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