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A Nobel Prize in alternative literature after the sexual abuse scandal at the Swedish Academy

More than a hundred personalities from the world of Culture unite to deliver a literary award as a protest

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A Nobel Prize in alternative literature after the sexual abuse scandal at the Swedish Academy

The Swedish Academy will not give, for first time since 1949, Nobel Prize in literature after scandal of sexual abuse in which is involved playwright Jean-Claude Arnault, linked to institution through his literary club, and husband of one of its members , Katarina Frostenson. However, more than a hundred personalities from world of Swedish culture have joined toger to create ir own version of prestigious award as a protest.

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  • The scandal of sexual abuse that Nobel academy silenced
  • Jean-Claude Arnault, literature "Weinstein"

Writers, actors, journalists and or cultural figures have formed New Academy, which will deliver ir own award this fall, following same schedule as official Nobel. "We have founded New Academy to remember that literature and culture, in general, should promote democracy, transparency, empathy and respect, without privileges, prejudices of arrogance or sexism", have expressed in a statement that collects newspaper British The Guardian.

The Alternative Academy has invited all country's librarians to nominate ir favorite authors, who may come from anywhere in world and must have written at least two books, one of which has been published in last 10 years. They are looking for a writer who has told story of "human beings in world," in contrast to Nobel laureate, who intends to honor writer who wrote, in words of Alfred Nobel's Testament, " most outstanding work in an ideal direction."

"At a time when human values are increasingly questioned, literature becomes an even more important revolutionary force to stop culture of silence and oppression. The New Academy believes this is so important that it will award world's largest prize for literature in 2018, " communiqué continues.

Once nominations have been received, New Academy will launch a public vote and four most popular authors shall be subject to scrutiny by a jury led by editor Ann Pålsson, professor at University of Gonburg, Lisbeth Larsson, and Librarian Gunilla Sandin. The winner will be announced in October, same month in which Nobel is traditionally awarded.

In 2019, two awards will be presented, explained administrative director of Academy, Louise Hedberg. "This decision has been reached because Academy is currently depleted and faces a loss of public confidence," members of institution declared in a statement in midst of a crisis of reputation and popularity. The decision does not affect or Nobel prizes, which are delivered by different bodies.

Historical Crisis

Simultaneously, a little less than a month ago, Swedish prosecutor's office filed a formal indictment for rape against French artist Jean-Claude Arnault, protagonist of sexual scandal and alleged leaks that triggered historical crisis that goes through The award-giving institution.

After scandal, which meant resignation of six of its 18 academics, in addition to tarnishing prestige of award and uncovering financial irregularities and leaks of name of winners, King Charles Gustavo of Sweden announced a reform of its statutes. So far, rules did not collect possibility of resigning and established that academic chair was life. The change will collect not only possibility of resignation so that re may be necessary replacement, but it is considered that any Member who has not participated in work of institution for a period of more than two years has abandoned it de facto.


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