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A plea against the herd: Welcome to the Resistance

Journalist Isabel Valdés dissects in raped or killed the wave of feminist outrage has removed the foundations of justice

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A plea against the herd: Welcome to the Resistance

Everything is collected in nine chapters, almost 200 pages written to open heart. The journalist of country Isabel Valdés gars in raped or dead (peninsula) all judicial details of case of herd and, with m, immense wave of feminist indignation that has traveled Spain since that chupinazo of Sanfermines of 2016 that changed everything.

On morning of 6 to 7 July, five men put an 18-year-old woman in a doorway, stripped her and abused her. They recorded it and photographed it in laughter. They continued to laugh when y went out to race of that portal of noble Zone of Pamplona: "Follándonos to one five. Everything I count is little. Last whore of travel, he related in a chat of friends one of five involved hours later. They were arrested that very morning and case jumped into open. Since n, Isabel Valdés (Calzada de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, 1985) has followed it very closely until recent release of Condemned.

The book brings toger and dissects story of those first days and judicial evolution of case, with a style of journalistic chronicle. His desire was to "put in perspective that, despite schism of sentence [were condemned for sexual abuse with prevalidity, not for rape], this case has spurreded to Spanish society against aggressions". His desire, let him read convinced "to continue way", unconvinced "to understand that re may be anor future" and male readers "to meet with what we live each day and y go unnoticed."

The tour of book, which prefaces Cristina Almeida and dismisses Manuela Carmena, is completed with a story of feminist Awakening lived in last two years in Spain and in world — from MeToo to feminist strike of March 8, no-no women to manifesto of Actri French CES-. And concludes with a passionate invitation from Valdés to join Revolution: "We have now created a safety net so extensive that it gives plenty to walk, perhaps not without fear — not yet — but with certainty that re is no abysmal gap under our feet" , journalist reflects on pages of book, from which he calls: "Welcome to Resistance".

Feminist lawyer Cristina Almeida, in her foreword, calls for an amendment to Penal Code "with participation of specialists in gender and violence issues, field of justice and feminism and women's Associations". raped or killed includes a final plea of mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena. "The first indispensable measure is that sentences are understood and, if not, explained," The judge also considers. His question resonates in head once read: "How is it possible that se five Andalusian young people were not aware that y were using a woman as if it were a mere object with varied orifices?"


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