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A rave called Foo Fighters

Were three hours, but also a lifetime, because the band was last night at the heart of what a rock concert nerve, blood, sweat, tears, illusion

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A rave called Foo Fighters
  • “we are Not gods, nor faith, but we have guitars and scenarios '
  • The universal deluge of Foo Fighters

it was three hours, but also an entire life. Foo Fighters were directly last night to very heart of what is a concert of rock and roll. Nerve, blood, sweat, tears, illusion. All of se words took place and y came toger as an act of magic in Barcelona at same moment that a band of planetary scope, whose natural habitat are major festivals and stadiums, were banging on instruments as if it were first gig of ir lives to a room of no more than 1,200 people.

it Was a secret concert and surprise. Secret because no one knew in what place or what time band, who this summer took rock hard to ancient Greek Acropolis it was going to play. And surprise because, beyond information published by THE COUNTRY and radio station M80, official media of event, could not be known that this group, able to rally tens of thousands of people as happened in festival Mad Cool, I was going to get into a venue like BARTS to present internationally ir new album, Concrete and Gold, published just 24 hours before. But it did happen. And how it happened.

All went back to origins, even Foo Fighters. Since it was not was only because of characteristic cry, which released Dave Grohl to jump to scenario, such as a letter of presentation, but by much more. For everything important. It was for a band that came out with urge to trample and to live that feeling of a bar, gambling den, hall of all life, in ir own meats. Again. And after both. Like when you had to prove something and eat life. But something more essential: when having fun was most important. The environment could not be more supportive: throughout world re was a fan and was at foot of canyon by a group that, even with a success so overwhelming, who knows how to keep essence of alternative rock. Knows how to draw teeth when you have to take m out and set fire to guitars when I turn it on.

Foo Fighters bombed privileged, with Monkey Wrench, Learn to Fly and White Limo, just more out to fore. That was delirium. And y were first minutes of a concert that lasted close to three hours, which gave free rein to new songs such as Run, Sky is Neighborhood or Sunday Rain. All people bouncing and singing along to lyrics, types through air, tossed about between dozens of hands from one side to anor, mobile recording to last detail, Grohl spitting water to public, group sweating as if you were playing it for paycheck and spirit of living a unique experience. It was. The communion with audience was perfect, so much so that what from first second you stopped to be seen as a promotional event. Neir band gave rise to it playing classics from his repertoire as a Pretender or Best of You, and, above all, shooting all bootloader versions of Ramones, Lenny Kratvitz or Knack.

In a full party, Grohl asked who I had seen before, and nearly whole room raised his hand. The second, he cried out: “Who has not seen it before Foo Figrs?”. And a handful of daring he stretched out his arms. “Fuck, we have 20 years of playing”, he growled Grohl with smile on face. “Let m,” he blurted. And Foo Fighters were presented as if group depended on those first-timers.

it was three hours, but also a lifetime dreaming of moments like this. Moments in which a group major and esdrújulo, a band generation and of massive impact, can be reduced by a night in a room of concerts of whole of life and focus as few times in what matters. And your audience also. Moments that demonstrate to everyone because we are all in this as delusional so-called rock and roll. Anthology.


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