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A sexual abuse scandal dot the Swedish Academy

The husband of one of the members of the Nobel prize-winning institution has also been accused of leaking information about the awardees

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A sexual abuse scandal dot the Swedish Academy

The Swedish Academy, institution that each year awards Nobel Prize for literature, has been punctuated by accusations against husband of one of its members to commit sexual abuse and to filter name of several winners of prestigious prize.

Eighteen women uncovered a few days ago anonymously alleged vexations and abuses, some committed in dependencies linked to academy, and three of m now point to that person revealed in advance in public three times winner of Nobel, today reports daily Daqens Nyheter.

It would be about Austrian Elfriede Jelinek (2004), British Harold Pinter (2005) and Frenchman Patrick (2014), according to main Swedish Rotary, who points to individual in question also boasted of being involved in concession of Nobel in 2008 to French Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio.

Although Dagens Nyheter maintains anonymity about this "cultural personality", as man has been baptized, or media have identified him as Jean-Claude Arnault, French playwright and photographer living in Sweden for decades and married to writer Katarina Frostenson, one of 18 members of academy.

"Nothing surprises me about that person anymore, that bastard." I suppose he knew about his wife, "said Peter Englund, permanent secretary of Swedish Academy between 2009 and 2015, today.

Englund admitted that he came to him in his day information, from an article in French press, which aimed at Arnault as possible filtering, but that this denied everything.

The suspicions of previous leaks of Nobel prize winner of literature have abounded in recent years, with striking cases like that of Le Clézio, when British betting house Ladbrokes had to close forecasts hours before failure because author It had gone from 15 to 1 to 2 to 1.

Englund's predecessor, Horace Engdahl, n said he was convinced that it had been a leak, but now he has refused to talk about case by referring to violation of rules of institution, which he is still a member of.

The turbulence around Swedish academy began two weeks ago, with public complaints of eighteen women about abuses and vexations committed between 1996 and 2017 on floors of institution in Stockholm and Paris by Arnault, director of a cultural forum Economically supported by organization.

Rumors of playwright's sexual conduct were not unknown in world of Swedish cultural elite, as personalities such as Englund have admitted, that in social networks he was relieved because case "finally came to light."

Two days after denunciations and after a meeting in which it was known that several of members of academy and relatives had suffered "unwanted intimacy or inappropriate treatment" of Arnault, institution cut off contact with him and hired a law firm to Study if he had influenced institutional work.

Despite measures promoted several voices of Swedish academic world spoke of loss of prestige of institution and demanded resignation of Engdahl and Englund, who had asked a few years ago a life salary in charge of state for Arnault.

The scholars refused to resign, ensuring that statutes do not allow it, since it is a member for life.

The Academy has announced, however, that it will harden rules on incompatibility as a response to criticisms that also allude to Compadreo when it comes to awarding literary prizes or scholarships.

Or institutions have ensured that y will reconsider ir financial support for Arnault Cultural Forum and Swedish government even spoke of removing a royal decoration received two years ago, although in end it has acknowledged that it is not possible.


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