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A talking dog or the Iberian ' Fargo ': The Spanish series that come

The 1, Antena 3 and Telecinco present some of the novelties in fiction for 2018

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A talking dog or the Iberian ' Fargo ': The Spanish series that come
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The explosion of production of series that lives in recent years television, with United States with head, also finds reflex in Spain. Fiction is one of pillars of programming of generalist chains, and thus will remain in 2018. In addition, to supply that arrives from stations in open, will be added production of payment platforms. Some of titles that will come in coming months have already been presented by chains in different television festivals.

Antena 3 has begun to promote short premiere of Apaches, who stored in drawer since 2015, when it was recorded and presented to media in FesTVal of Vitoria. Starring Alberto Ammann, Eloy Azorín and Verónica Echegui, it is based on novel by Miguel S. Carral that tells a story about loyalty and friendship set in Nineties. An agreement between Atresmedia and Netflix has made users of online platform have seen series abroad before in Spain. Antena 3 has not yet confirmed issue date.

Alberto Ammann and Eloy Azorín, in ' Apaches '.

Truth, thriller of Telecinco, also has been waiting for months. Elena Rivera, Jon Kortajarena and Lydia Bosch lead cast of this fiction that starts with comeback eight years after a 17-year-old girl. But is he really who he says he is?

Three or fictions, whose respective shootings are about to be concluded and which have been presented at MiM Series Festival, held in Madrid this week, are already on takeoff list of ir chains. TVE wants to claim family comedy and love for Pets with Hounds, starring Salva Reina (down re) but where all attention is focused on dog Ramses. Because can that helps its new owner to solve criminal cases in this story also has peculiar faculty of speaking.

The dog Ramses and save Queen, in ' hounds '.

If hounds sounds to bet, at least, risky, one of Antena 3 with slaughterhouse also it is although in a very different sense. A choral cast with Pepe Viyuela, Ginés García Millán or Tito Valverde, among ors, gives shape to a mosaic of ordinary characters in very peculiar situations that serves as an Iberian response to American Fargo. Pigs, ham, civil Guards, music of Julio Iglesias, drug and various crimes in a town of Zamora are ingredients of this thriller with high doses of black humor.

An image of series ' slaughterhouse '.

Anor series whose recording is about to come to an end is to live without permission, that Jose Coronado, Alex Gonzalez and Claudia Traisac Star for Telecinco. In this case action is located in fictitious region of West and has as a center to Nemo Bandeira, a self-made man who after making a fortune with drug trafficking wants to clean his life while facing diagnosis of Alzheimer who just communicated. A combination of family saga and thriller for a series recorded in Galicia that awaits place on grill.

Álex González and Jose Coronado star in ' Living without permission '.

For its part, television adaptation of best-selling Ildefonso falcones Cadral of Sea is ready to see light in Antena 3. Aitor Luna, Silvia Abascal, Pablo Derqui or Andrea Duro travel to 14th century Barcelona with this historical drama with chapters of 50 minutes that follows Arnau's life and his ascent through social ladder. More titles in Chamber chain of Atresmedia are Fariña, television adaptation of Book of Nacho Carter on drug business in Galicia in 1980s, elite Body, Gamberra comedy based on this case in film Same title, and alleged culprit, thriller starring Miguel Ángel Muñoz.

Advance of series ' Elite Corps '. The bets of Pago Paco León, in ' The Plague '.

Open chains are no longer only way for Spanish series. Payment platforms have been launched to own production, an adventure that leads Movistar . The television platform of Telefónica will start year premiered on January 12 historical thriller The Plague, with Alberto Rodríguez in direction. In preparation for its launch are also giant dramas and kill far, thriller Felix or comedies look what you've done and burn Madrid.

On or hand, streaming television platforms also prepare new fictions, although in your case you will have to wait longer to see result. Elite, Netflix Youth series, is scheduled to debut in 2019. HBO works on adaptation of Patria, a novel by Fernando Aramburu.

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