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Activism surpassed awards in Golden Globes

"We are the stories and we write them for ourselves," said actress Elisabeth Moss, and the phrase could summarize the gala, in which the award-winning men did not join the claim

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Activism surpassed awards in Golden Globes
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"Many teach us to shut up, our children must learn to speak without fear of reprisals, that must be our new guide," told Laura Dern from stage. And like her, many of winners of Golden Globes. The awards were marked by movement against sexual harassment and plates of time Up, campaign that has already been supported by 300 women in audiovisual industry. And y turned rug and gala into a great announcement of ir struggle. For example, in use of black in wardrobe (a code that skipped very few guests, such as president of HFPA, hostess of event) or in statements of actresses and filmmakers. By way, with one exception: So striking was not to ask men about harassment in previous... as how little y commented on stage mselves. Only Sam Rockwell, with his prize, asked that "people stop being abusive"

The claims began even before gala. On red carpet, E-channel presenters! They interviewed Debra Missing. And actress took advantage to explain, that among reasons to go in black, re was one that concerned directly to that television. "We want diversity, we want intersectional gender parity, we want to charge same. I was shocked to know that E! He does not believe in paying same to his female presenters as to male. I miss Catt Sadler [channel host who left his job when he learned that his partner, Jason Kennedy, made more money than she did]. We're with her and that's something we should change tomorrow. We want people to start having this conversation in which women are considered as valid as men. "

The awardees did talk about it, as Dern, who added: "It is urgent that all of us not only support survivors, but protect and hire m." Or Rachel Brosnahan, who said "re are too many female stories still need and worth being told", or Elisabeth Moss, who commented: "We are stories and write m for ourselves." Reese Wirspoon, with award of Big Little Lies to best miniseries, shouted to viewers, assuring girls that y were suffering abuses that were re to listen to m. Francesc McDormand praised members of Foreign Press Association in Hollywood: "They have chosen a president, y do." He took advantage, after confessing that "politics I leave at home", emphasize: "The women who are here do not come for food, but for our work." Even among presenters, like Natalie Portman, who in seconds of reading award for Best Direction, drew attention to genre of candidates: "All men." Or Jessica Chastain, who influenced 23% difference that separates salaries of actors with those of actresses.

Anor of actions with which stars called attention was choice of ir companions: many actresses went with an activist. As Susan Derandon, who was accompanied by Rosa Clemente, journalist and environmental activist; Emma Watson, with Marai Larasi, gender activist; Meryl Streep with Ai-Jen poo, director of National Alliance of Domestic Workers; Laura Dern, with Mónica Ramírez, president of National Association of Farmers; Michelle Williams with Tara Burke, director of girls for gender equality and founder of MeToo; Shailene Woodley with Haze Lawrence, member of Suquamish tribe, Native American rights fighter; Emma Stone with Billie Jean King, founder of Women's Tennis Association, and Amy Poehler with Saru Jayaraman, an attorney for hospitality workers.

On stage, HFPA President Meher Tatna spoke of previous actions of her association in support of NGOs, and announced creation of two million dollar funds, one for International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and anor for an association of Protection of journalists.

Finally, he gave last Golden Globe, best drama, Barbra Streisand, only filmmaker who has won Golden Globe in best direction, remembered that he did in 1984, and it was time to recognize ors.


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