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Advertising with social message

An Audi campaign against sexist stereotypes, a grand prize for the Effectiveness of the Association of Advertisers

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Advertising with social message

The doll who chose to drive, a short 3d animation for Audi is best advertising campaign of year, according to awards that has been adding. In March, he won first prize of Club of creatives, in June he was awarded at festival El Sol and on Thursday he received at Teatro Real Grand Prix for efficacy granted by Spanish Association of Advertisers (SAA).

Shared more than 230,000 times in social networks, challenge that Audi assumed was to break gap between children's toys and reinforce values of equality in car industry, traditionally dominated by men. Developed by Proximity agency Barcelona, campaign had no commercial objectives at its origin. He aspired, that yes, to break belief, solidly seated, that cars in general and high-end sports in particular are primarily a matter of men, according to ir responsible. It supported this idea a study of University of Granada, according to which 90% of schoolchildren of four to seven years thinks that dolls are girl toys, while 80% considers that cars and motorcycles are as a child.

In addition to breaking sexist stereotypes and opening a debate that was among smallest, Audi got doll who chose to drive tangible effects on ir sales, especially among women.

Although it is main purpose of advertising is that product in question sells more, brands fight for ir campaigns to have social relevance, transmit emotional values and strengn connection with consumer. "The complex of giving se awards is that re are campaigns with great innovation, social content and microsegmentation," admitted president of SAA, Jaime Lobera.

Fundación Unoentrecienmil is one of those solidarity campaigns. Toger with Innuba agency, this NGO proposed to Penelope Cruz to direct a documentary on childhood leukemia. After presence of actress in a television program in which he detailed that work, foundation achieved more donations, increased its number of partners and got funds for a research grant. To top it off, this solidarity announcement won on Thursday award for effectiveness in best campaign category of an NGO.

The most innovative commercial strategy of Year has been developed by DEC BBDO Agency for Tourism in Canary Islands. The image of this community as a vacation destination was outdated and classic binomial sun and beach. To re-launch brand, more than 250 communication actions were carried out in 15 languages and 19 countries. Segmented offerings were launched according to demands of each potential group of visitors. The result was an increase of 23.7% in arrival of tourists to islands in 2016.

That is precisely what efficiency awards value: The impact on sales, notoriety, brand construction, or social changes it reflects. Combined with se variables, and according to trophies received, DDB won award for best agency.


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