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Alejandro Sanz paints the royal family in an exhibition in new York

The singer stars in a joint exhibition with Mallorcan artist Domingo Zapata

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Alejandro Sanz paints the royal family in an exhibition in new York

Domingo Zapata met Alejandro Sanz through Vicky Martín Berrocal, who took him a few years ago to a concert in Madrid. The friendship between Mallorcan artist and singer was growing. When he visited his home in Miami he discovered hidden passion of interpreter: painting. A year ago y decided to do a project toger, which is now exhibited in Chelsea's New York neighborhood under title smile, Smile.

"He made sketches in a notebook, we passed m to canvas and n I painted m," Zapata explains in front of a huge canvas titled The Royal Family, first picture to be seen when entering sample. "The painting is still fresh," he says pointing to strokes that gave Sanz hours before inauguration. The final composition could remember in an abstract and respectful way disagreement in Palma de Mallorca between Queen Letizia and Doña Sofía.

"Love does not exist if re is not ever a small discussion," explains painter based in New York. Although elements that appear in work could be perfectly members of Spanish royal family, singer insists that it is a generic vision. "They represent in a way that we are all human beings and that we are all kings," says Sanz.

The three works by Alejandro Sanz S.P.

Sanz himself appears in four, next to Royal dog. Zapata is painted on or end, in a minibar next to king. The Queen is identified in middle by intense pink stroke. "There are so many nice and important things to talk about," he values. The rest of show are smiles, "people who go through your life, who have been good, kind. You still don't remember what y're called, but you don't forget m. "

The exhibition is composed of almost thirty works. Three of m are works that Alejandro Sanz did in solitary 15 years ago. "What we want to show is that he didn't start painting yesterday," he points to a canvas that sees a woman crucified.  "Painting is also for him a form of expression as an artist, what I have done is to scratch a little and remove poison," he says.

Singing to friendship What I Love About You S.P.

Sanz says when he paints, he can't stop. The painting made m friends and show celebrates that. Each piece was worked simultaneously using singer's musical background. Zapata resorted to vibrant solid colors and energetic strokes to create a sense of graffiti. "It was a challenge for both of us," he recognizes, "but I had advantage of painting with his music before I met him."

"The collaboration produces a very interesting artistic work that evokes spirit of Picasso and Condo with a certain style," says Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, founder of HG Contemporary Gallery and host of exhibition, which will be open until May 15. The gallery owner points out that Sanz is already an art form in itself, "which is now expressed in a pure way on canvas."

The intention is that sample is itinerant. In June y will be exhibited in Madrid before traveling in Latin America. It is developed in parallel to a series of videos on screens of square of Times Square, which welcome visitors. In one sale Sanz and next week is going to ask him to participate in Pope Francis, making a graffiti before camera that says that education begins with art.

Get to people flower wilt

The Mallorcan artist, who wears a virgin of dew on his left arm, is creator of mural that dominates entrance of Freedom Tower in World Trade Center, emblematic skyscraper that emerged in emptiness of Twin Towers. It also has a crucifixion in cadral of Palma made with spray. "You paint so that people can appreciate and enjoy for years, years and years," he says.

Zapata is considered a expressionist artist. "I was born with gift of being able to paint what I see," he explains, "but to paint what you feel you don't need talent." "Art is composition and composition is what creates sensitivity it conveys to people and that it reaches people. It's a great rapy. But it is wonderful that Alejandro Sanz does this joint project, "concludes painter.


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