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All the painting of Dalí to hit click

The foundation that keeps the artist's legacy completes the reasoned catalogue, available for consultation on the Web. Works to identify 1,000 paintings have lasted 17 years

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All the painting of Dalí to hit click

In summer of 1982 Gala, wife of Dalí — her agent, her accomplice and co-author rar than Musa, as painter himself acknowledged by signing so many works "Gala Salvador Dalí", died with almost 90 years because of complications of a femur operation. His death left painter, aged and already sick, plunged into a growing melancholy that never surpassed. Installed in Púbol (Girona) after Gala burial in crypt of castle Dalí barely made some paintings following months, until he completely left in 1983.

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  • Dalí 's Foundation publishes its entire catalogue on Internet

This is where extraordinary investigation of Salvador Dalí 's reasoned catalogue, which has been concluded at Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation of Figueras, is halted. It has been 17 years of work, which has been seeing light on Web by deliveries from 2004. The tour of work of painter part from 1910 and arrives until year following death of Gala. In total, 1,000 paintings have been identified — left out watercolors and drawings —. The result is hosted on foundation's website in open consultation, as it has so far. Anyone can dive into trajectory of artist, divided into five periods, and consult characteristics and provenances of each piece.

Gala and Dalí had met in 1929 on a trip to Catalonia that she did, n woman of poet Paul Éluard, with this and a group of friends. His was a radical encounter, like work and history of both. Gala Éluard left his life of success in Paris of Andre Breton and settled in a lost place of Mediterranean coast with a young man who was n no one, although intrigued by his boldness to surreal visitors. The legend even tells that she was sent to investigate much-commented coprophagia of artist and Dalí did not save details. The curt proposal of Catalan, so different from staging of Breton boys ' comme il faut, must have marked beautiful Madame Éluard: I would leave everything for him.

The fabulous play dismal game, always associated with that meeting, is one of 1,000 entries of catalogue of paintings that has just concluded Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, which, in addition to International Reference Centre for Dalinian Research, It is one of most complete collections of paintings by artist, along with Reina Sofía Museum and Dalí Museum of Saint Petersburg in Florida.

In fact, foundation, which gars its legacy in three fabulous venues — Gala residence, aforementioned Castillo de Púbol; The house y both shared in Portlligat; and Figueras ' own Theatre museum — it is much more than that resort that attracts crowds fascinated by that audacious and charismatic being, as happened to Friends of Breton. In most visited of three venues, Theatre Museum of Figueres, is center of Studies Dalianos. There, an impeccable team of experts, women in its vast majority, under direction of Montse Agueda, is dedicated to preserving, cataloguing, studying and giving content to material guarded in ir own offices — drawings, photographs, publications, objects, costumes, works of friends — as well as to investigate everything related to Gala and Dalí that is appearing anywhere in world.

In this spirit is registered catalogue now completed reasoned. Called to become a tool of incalculable value for scholars and fans, not only is it a necessary work for a better — and more plausible — knowledge of Dalí 's work, but a way of ordering production of an artist who , as always happens with most popular, suffers sometimes undeserved attributions. This file opened for possible new findings, furr enhances experiments as virtual reconstructions of mythical samples by Dalí.

The final decision of what to include, after numerous discussions, has encouraged to catalogue all paintings, including those of Púbol or Figueres that are part of house as a work of total art. Despite everything, among 1,000 paintings, one is missing, wonderful and invisible: artist himself, always audacious, lurking.


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