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All you need to know about the Emmy awards 2017

Favorites, absent, and possible surprises. The keys on the awards, television's most important

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All you need to know about the Emmy awards 2017

The effervescence of production series that we are in last few years, with united States as a great centre irradiator, has made Emmy awards have gained prominence converted into a great advertising campaign on a global scale for series that manage to rise with statuettes. Before awards ceremony tonight, we review basic questions to understand what happens this night in Emmy 2017.

- Who are favorites?

The pools are quite open this year and experts can't agree on who might win. Netflix could rise with ir first award for best drama this year both with The Crown, which has already won Golden Globe, as with nostalgia of Stranger Things (also you choose House of Cards, but has very few real possibilities). Anor online platform, Hulu, has placed very well The Handmaid's Tale, with Elisabeth Moss as clear favorite to win award for best actress. But a lot of care with family drama This Is Us, a phenomenon in united States that is a favorite for many.

In comedy, Veep, is winner of last year could take advantage of inertia of Emmy and repeat title for third consecutive time. His main rival has him in Atlanta. Between miniseries, it sounds very strong Big Little Lies, and in tv movie thing is divided between chapter of Black Mirror San Junipero, and HBO film Wizard of Lies. And if we talk about actors, in addition to Moss, y have ballots up to gar awards, Sterling K. Brown, John Lithgow, Thandie Newton, Donald Glover, Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon, Robert de Niro, Nicole Kidman and, of course, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. But re are sure to be surprises. So let's move on to next point.

step Forward from 'This Is Us'.

- Who could give surprise?

The unexpected twists are a classic in all awards, and Emmy also can't miss. There are categories very open, so that in reality re are many possible surprises. The temptation to reward Anthony Hopkins is strong, and even some experts include Claire Foy in pools of best actress. Or drive up to stage to Millie Bobby Brown. If Master of None, will take award for best comedy would be a very pleasant surprise, or that Riz Ahmed what to achieve instead of Robert de Niro. In actress miniseries anyone who will take prize would be him. Attention to category: Nicole Kidman, Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Reese Wirspoon, Felicity Huffman, Carrie Coon. Level of Oscar.

Trailer of 'Master of None'.

- what And where is Game of thrones?

last year became series most awarded in history of Emmy's with its sixth season. It is logical that seventh again have a large presence at awards, particularly among categories of techniques. But delay in premiere of seventh season made Game of thrones stay out of Emmy 2017. And, refore, in awards next year will compete for seventh, although it has been over a year since its issuance. As a matter of dates also have been left out, for example, Orphan Black and her protagonist, Tatiana Maslany, winner of Emmy last year, or return of Twin Peaks.

- What records may be broken today?

  • If world is teetering on, ‘Saturday Night Live’ thrives
  • Stephen Colbert, comic is removed from face shield against Trump
  • All of nominees to Emmy awards, 2017
  • The series winning Emmy

There are several brands that can be beat in tonight's ceremony. If Millie Bobby Brown wins by Stranger Things, 13 years old became younger actress to win an Emmy. The record right now what is Roxana Zal, who won in 1984 with 14 years. Of time, is already nominated for an Emmy younger of history.

it Is complicated but you could also beat record of oscars for a series in its first year. Now, record has The west wing of White House, with 9 wins in his first season. If Westworld or Stranger Things earn five awards tonight, batirían record (already added up to five awards each last week).

it does Not seem very likely, but in case of that Modern Family won its sixth Emmy as best comedy, it would be series most award-winning in that category, surpassing Frasier.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus because she is a woman of record and is most awarded in history in category of best actress in a leading role comedy. If this year's win, tie with Chloris Leachman as performer with most Emmy awards, with a total of eight statuettes (though Louis-Dreyfus, also a producer of Veep, wins in total prizes). Anor record that could beat: actress who most times has won an Emmy for bringing to life a character (six wins for playing Selina Meyer).

- Who are great absent in se Emmy?

Many are still crying out to heaven for absence of The Leftovers and ir actors in awards. Little has served praises of critics and applause of his batch end of episodes. The drama of HBO has ended its journey without attracting attention of some awards which, remember, also ningunearon to The Wire, for example. It also draws attention to absence of Oprah Winfrey show, competing for feature film, Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. The final of Girls-has not convinced voters, and neir series nor its actresses are nominated (yes what were three of its guest actors). Anor comedy from HBO, Insecure, and its protagonist and creator, Issa Rae, will be anor of great absent of night. More absences painful are those of Michael McKean, Rita Moreno or Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Trailer of third season of 'The Leftovers'.

- why are re chapters of series within categories of tv movies?

For Emmy, a tv movie is "an original program that tells a story with a beginning, middle and end and that it is issued in a single part". This description is normal for many anthological series prefer to present ir best chapters in category of tv movie to escape tough competition from powerful miniseries. So, this year's Black Mirror has many ballots to win with San Junipero. And Sherlock is also nominated but only with The detective a liar, second chapter of his fourth season, telling a complete story but also included frames that were in or episodes... Things of Emmy's.

- Who votes and how, in se awards?

Emmy delivery to Academy of Television of united States. The system of voting to choose winners has changed slightly in recent years. Before, scholars could only vote in category of ir specialty and had to justify that y had seen chapters chosen by nominees. Since a couple of years ago, all members of academy can vote in all categories and not have to justify having seen chapters, which favors most popular series. In addition, previously voted for nominees in preferential order, and since last year, each voter chooses only his favorite of each category, furr simplifying system of election.

- what And where and when I can see Emmy?

In THE COUNTRY, you'll be able to have all information at minute. And in Spain, on television you can follow on Movistar Series Xtra and Movistar Premieres from 02.00.


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